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  1. set up back pack blower for left hand use

    If any body knows of or how to set up a backpack blower for left hand operation i would sure appreciate the information
  2. Aeration Vs. The invisible dog fence.

    Hey, Just saw your post when looking up info on liquid aerators. I have limited experience but I like the research I have seen on the website the ease of application, the client cost, the lack of damage, etc. my plan in my grounds maintenance business is to never use mechanical aerators...
  3. Liquid aeration

    Had you ever used mechanical aeration to solve this problem?, and with what results? Thanks for the feedback. Haymaker
  4. The Green Guardian seeks 40 lawnsite members...

    Has anybody signed up with Green Guardian as a Branch Office Partner to date? If so I would like you to contact me.
  5. Has anyone used?

    Has anybody used Turf2Max, a liquid aeration product. I charge $10/1000 to apply it, about half what mechanical aeration costs. It penetrates 6to8" as oppossed to 1 to 3", does not stress an opperator and can be mixed with my Green Guardian W&F liquids. Customer does'nt see that anything has...
  6. I need some help with broadleaf weeds

    Green Guardian products provide pre and post emergent control and I have success on crab grass If you want to start over on a lawn use GG's EMG to kill everything, build up the soil, apply GG's 18-0-5 or 5-0-3, seed, and continue with GG's standard program after three weeks. You might want to...
  7. The Green Guardian seeks 40 lawnsite members...

    I have used GG's products for four years. I can't say I have used them well or that I have always acheived the results I wanted. Last year I applied the 18-0-5 and 14-0-5 in 6 appliations, (three spring, three fall) With a gas powered backpack sprayer with tip Mark reccomends. In results were...
  8. green guardian websites still no work?

    Mark, I still can't use your websites. Can't log in or get any of my customer data or access the Quote/estimate function so I can provide clients with estimates. Help!
  9. Liquid aeration

    I would like to hear from any body that has any direct experience using Turf2Max or Aerify or any other liquid aeration product out there. Haymaker
  10. Exhaust system for FH601V Kawasaki engine

    The FC420V 14hp Kawasaki engine on my Exmark 52" TurfTracer finally died. I bought a 20hp FH601V, CS-04( John Deere) Kawasaki engine to replace it. New engine bolted right up to the TT deck. I need an exhaust system for this engine. Exmark wants $300 for the complete system. I need ideas for...
  11. mowing a cemetery??????

    woodbrothers lc failed to say how many works took 4 hrs. or how much he charges per man/hour.