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  • hey man i just wanted to introduce myself i seen where you said we are all in this together i am so glad to see someone else thinks the same way i do .i am from knoxville TN been in business 21 years . its good to know there are people like you out there .. congrats on your success
    hey. Hows it going. I had a question. I see that you do boh lawn mowing and new landscape insallaion. What is more profitable. I'm thinking about getting into lawn mowing but all the older companies have told me theres not much money in it. thanks
    congratulation for your business and the person you are, I am new in this site so today I spent 4 hours but I read all the 30 pages about your company and advises. I am Brazilian 25 years old, been in United States for 4 years, always worked as a landscaper for a company around here in Massachusetts, now I decided to start my business in 2012, all the money I made last years a bought tools, 2008 7x14 enclosed trailer, 2006 Gmc W4500 dump ( I financed some of this). I have a dream to do better than the companies I have seen around here, already have few clients and they are everything for me, this company I started to grow organized and respectful to the others. And for sure I will be your follower, thank you so much for everything.
    Hey just wanted to say I am a real fan of your work I have seen numerous pictures and it is very inspiring. I am 17 and truly hope to reach the level you are at someday. Thanks again for being so helpful on your threads I have gained a great amount of knowledge that was not very clear before.
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