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  1. Ez trench bed edger

    Please post or send me the details on this unit, make and model #.
  2. poured concrete edging

    I'm thinking of expanding and incorporating this as an option into my current landscape installation services. I have looked at the Lil Bubba machines and they seem to be good. But I'm curious, what do you do to repair it if it cracks, and how do you repair it without showing a seam where...
  3. 1996 K3500 Dump truck

    Sold thanks.
  4. 1996 K3500 Dump truck

    Yeah, I don't think its all that bad looking. As everyone can see I didn't even clean it. Its a good work truck and the price is good too, snow plow, dump bed, strong diesel motor, etc.
  5. 1996 K3500 Dump truck

    a few more...
  6. 1996 K3500 Dump truck

    as you can see there are some rust spots on the doors coming from by the mirror frame on the passenger side and from a hole from I don't know what used to be on the drivers side. Floor boards are solid and the bottom of the inside of the doors is solid.
  7. 1996 K3500 Dump truck

    1996 diesel dump bed 8' western snow plow central hydraulics 4x4 Automatic Manual locks and windows 77K miles CD player A/C Very low miles for the year. Bed and plow runs on the truck hydraulics, which is ran by the motor. 4 wheel drive works good. Transmission...
  8. 2002 Honda Foreman ATV with PLOW

    Does the plow angle to the side, and how easy to operate is it? I've never used a 4 wheeler with a plow.
  9. 2002 Honda Foreman ATV with PLOW

    Is your 4 wheeler still for sale? Did you figure out the actual miles?
  10. 2010 Toro grandstand lawn mower 52" 24hp kawasaki

    Sorry to get off topic with my posts in this thread...SOMEBODY BUY THIS GUYS MOWER!!! :waving: But also, Toro offers a big discount, regardless of seasonal pricing, for companies that maintain non-profit organizations. Cemeteries, know the like. I think its upwards of 20% off...
  11. 2000 Chevy 3500 4x4 w/ plow and spreader

    still for sale?
  12. 2010 Toro grandstand lawn mower 52" 24hp kawasaki

    Yeah I agree with the last post...not that the mowers arent' worth that much, because they are great machines, I own a 36. But I also got a price quote on that same machine you are selling two weeks ago, brand new from the dealer its $6400... Good luck though!
  13. 1996 K3500 4x4 dump

    guess i didn't post the link...
  14. 1996 K3500 4x4 dump

    Previously listed. Reserve price is set a modest amount lower than the "buy it now" Feel free to ask any questions.
  15. 1996 K3500 4x4 dump

    Anyone interested???