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  1. Show Off Your Web Sites

    JPS Lawn Care and Landscaping Katy, Texas
  2. Anyone in the Houston/Humble Texas area?

    Katy,Texas about 25 miles west of Houston
  3. Any LCO's from the Houston Area?

    We're in the Katy area.
  4. Do you need a license in texas?

    lavan Every business in Texas has to have a sales tax permit. You do have to charge sales tax on lawn services in Texas. Here's a link to check out:
  5. Whats with that????

    I thought it was just me but I just had to wait for OPPS try again.
  6. Business is finally starting to pick up...

    Starting to pick up here. All of my regular weekly accounts from last year,I am finally able to cut every 2 weeks and in a few weeks I will go to every week with them. Ready to starting heal-toeing it in those HOT 100 degree and HOTTER days. We are real busy now with mulching and clean ups and...
  7. first price whiner of the season

    We have the most luck by staying with middle income homes. They never bark at the price and appreciate you the most. The guy with 2 BMW's 1 Jag. and a new water front house on 3 acres worth $750,000 will always want it for FREE. It's not worth it because they want to cut your price on mowing and...
  8. For you Toro lovers..

    On toro's website the consider the 20039 super recycler electric start as a homeowner mower. Which that may have a B&S engine. If you go to the commercial mowers you will see the Pro-line series which they come with a 2 cycle Suzuki or a 4 cycle Kawi. And the big difference is price also and...
  9. Cuttin an acre

    Opps started a new thread by accident. Sorry.
  10. Cuttin an acre

    Have you priced to see what the going rate is to cut 1 acre? Around here it starts low @ $75 and up. If you have checked prices and that is the going rate $16 per acre then either move or bite your tongue and get to mowin. On the other hand, If you do not plan your route you will never gain...
  11. LCO license in Texas

    Thanks for the website Team Gopher. I found part of it. I see where they are talking about the situation, but are having problems getting it passed. Here is a link to see the Commercial Lawn Equipment 25hp and below restricted use from 6am-12pm in the months of Apr 1 - Oct 31 of each year...
  12. LCO license in Texas

    I have a DBA already, I have just been hearing this through the grapvine fom 3 different people so far. The only thing is they heard from someone else from someone else.
  13. LCO license in Texas

    I have heard that Texas is trying to pass a law that you cannot operate any small engine equipment before 12pm. I have also heard that it won't pass, but they are trying to get all LCO's to be licensed, in order to conduct business (mowing etc.). Is it true? Where can I get more info? I sure...
  14. what size mower to buy?

    Around here in Texas all of the gated lawns you have to have a 32in, a 36in is to big for the gates. Could be different there. I would mostly focus on a walk behind as big as you can work in your area, because it will save you a ton in time. I personally would look at a belt drive walkbehind...
  15. Began flyer distribution last night

    Just a note on my first customer. She wanted a bid because she didn't like the current people. Corner lot $300,000 home on golf course. I quoted $30 on a weekly basis, she said she was paying $20 before I said I want to do business, but the min. would be $25. I mowed it for 6 months and she...