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  1. 10% Coupon Code

    They should just have a running coupon for Lawnsite members.. :)
  2. Tampa area anyone

    Yeah I think i saw one of these guys today. Pickup truck, push mower that broke 1/2 way through his cutting, elec trimmer that sounded like it had 5mins of life left in it. I didn't see a blower so i guess that's why they don't advertise it.
  3. Tampa area anyone

    Get some magnetic signs to put on the side of your truck. this way why you don't want to advertise you can just pull them off..
  4. How many hours do you guys get out of a mower?

    yeah. i put Green Slime in the front and plugged the rears a bunch of times. I'll be putting slime in the rears if they get another hole in them.
  5. How many hours do you guys get out of a mower?

    Cool.. someone else with the same mower that we have. Only problems i've had are flat tires.
  6. Tampa area anyone

    I bought a bench grinder stand and put a small vise on it then i use a hand grinder to sharpen the blades. I did it this way so i could grind the blades outside. I was getting to many metal filings all over my shop.
  7. Tampa area anyone

    Hello.. i'm in the riverview area. I do this part time and have around 10 accounts. I think i've seen kleankuts around here.
  8. have you tried ?

    oh. man I just placed an order for parts and now I see that there's a coupon code. :(
  9. Suspension on ZTR's????

    I just want some suspension on mine so the motor will stay running. I hit so many bumps that it stutters sometimes.
  10. Tips for staying cool

    I'm in Florida and I just started wearing underarmour and I like it so far. At the end of the day i'm not totally soaking wet, and i feel less warn out. I don't understand why mexican's wear hooded sweat jackets. I don't see how that can keep you cool.
  11. Old John Dear 6010 Tractor clutch

    I know nothing about tractors. I can rip a car apart with no problem but there's something about the Huge bulky metal that's stopping me from touching the tractor.
  12. Proslide XT $400 or Goslide $159?

    anyone?? I like the price of the GoSlide
  13. What's up with this site???

    Popular site. probably outgrowing the current servers.
  14. I Need A New Truck!!!!!!!!

    You might find something on also
  15. Welders??

    What kind of welders do most of you use for fixing your equipment? Is a Mig good enough?