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  • Yes I do, sorry for the delay, getting caught up after a week of the flu. Gonna be swamped for a few days then will give you a yell.

    Hey, how are you doing? I also do landscaping and lawn maintenance in Jackson. Actually, I see you around town with your truck quite often. I was just wondering if you had any accounts you'd be willing to sell to me for the upcoming season? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!
    So do you still like LawnPro...kind of takes a beating on this site?

    I want to use this mainly for billing lawn mowing customers.
    Here is a typical example …If we have weekly charge of $20 for a lawn customer that is always cut on Thursdays and want to bill each month, can we set up program to bill automatically as we know it will be cut every week from April through mid Novwmber…in other words each month the charge might vary depending on the # of Thursdays in that month. Can all this be set up easily in advance so that we can just press “bill all customers”( or something to that affect) at the end of each month to quickly process all customer billing.
    Also, do you email any bills?
    just stoppin in to say hi. i have been doing pretty good. i picked up another weekly mowing account. screwed up the bid by 40 a cut, but am sucking it up and am making it look perfect. it is a commercial account and everyone in town now knows who cuts it. lol. we are getting alot of wet weather so i think people will get sick of mowing lawns here soon. i did a 1k overseed yesterday and made about 120 profit on it. other than that not much going on. i am in it for the long haul and looking forward to growing. i hear i will not make a profit for two years, and i am giving it 5.
    i hope all is well. tell the mrs to get ya a cold beer. lol just kidding.
    i have a question for ya. i have been struggling with it since i gave that estimate. I knew that she didnt need her lawn dethatched, and i even asked her how set she was on having it done. she said she wanted all the dead stuff gone. this was a new lawn planted in sand with absoultly no organics in the soil except what was in there from the last two years of lawn growth. she told me that a company she had out in utah still owed her some work yet, so she was going to have them come aerate and spray in a few weeks. it is a national chain, cant remember the name.
    i should have told her that she does not need it done and it would have actually hurt the lawn. instead i said nothing and gave her the estimate for the work she wanted done..
    i am kind of beating myself up about not being honest, but wanted my first lawn job. i feel honesty is the best way to go in all cases, but i did what she asked. how would have you handled it?


    hope all is well and your year is off to a great start. we are getting 4 to 9 inches of snow tonight

    tell the mrs i said hi
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