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  1. tiger cub

    I have a cub that is about 2 years old. Last year I lost the hydro belt that is cogded and replaced it with the same belt fr5om nape. About 2 weeks later this belt took a dump. I then toke the mower to my xmark dealer and they placed it with a v belt. The mower ran fine for about 9 says months...
  2. Better quick 36

    13 hp Briggs, Mulch kit with Sulky. 5 Hours $1950.00 pick up only.
  3. Pro Slide on a Better 36

    I was wanting to put a pro slide on my Better 36, has anyone done this and how does it work out.
  4. Central Fl Subdivision Pricing question

    Well I am in spring hill and find your post a problem. We try to raise our prices and people like you want to cut below cost. How about you figure what it will cost you to cut these lawns and then repost. I just broke a belt on my Scag and you would have to cut 6 yards to cover the cost of the belt.
  5. anyone using tilt trailers

  6. Big block engines

  7. scag tiger cub mulch kit

    am in springhill,If you are interested I have an ocdc for the Scag. Let me know.
  8. 2004 tiger cub florida

    19 horse kaw. 48 inch deck,mulch plate and extra blades. Unit has 413 hours and in very good shape. 3800.00 pm or 352-397-6173
  9. Redi Ramp

    Three years old but never used, was mounted and mower was run into bed. Have no use for it and will let it go for $200.00, will deliver with in 200 miles.
  10. Walk behind weight kit

    I have a 48 inch deck on my hustler walk behind that was in need of your weight kit(46 pounds). The problem being that that front end would always raise upon start or turning. I ordered the kit from my dealer with the understanding the price was 65.00. Upon arrival the kit was 89.00...
  11. Scag cub OCDC

    In need of an ocdc for a cub. Does anyone know of one or where I can purchase one?
  12. Scag mulch blades

    I have a cub with the mulch plate that works just fine. Looks like the blades are low lift and as I said works fine. Called dealer today and parts man said I need Scag mulch blades, at 20.00 a crack plus freight. My question is, what do the rest of you use for blades or do you just discharge...
  13. 23 Kaw

    I have a 23 HP Kaw that has an oil leak. I keep having oil on the filter and around that part of the block. Does any one have any ideas as to the problem. Have checked the oil sender just above , but seams to be ok.
  14. 52 inch deck

    I own a 23/44 super mini Z with a 44 inch deck. I ask my dealer about purchasing a 52 inch deck. There reply was that I would have to buy the 52 inch shell with a new belt an change every thing on my 44 over. Are you telling me that I can not buy a complete 52 inch deck to replace my 44...
  15. Exmark TT 60/23 or stander 61/23

    I am looking to purchase one of these units. Any imput would help a lot.