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  • What is the best you will do on price? I am in Swansea, Mass. I have the same machine and I love it! I am looking to get another one. If the price is right I would be interested. Thank you, Adam
    no problem.... here is who you contact.

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    Don Woods
    You are not allowed to sell supplies here unless you are a sponsor of the site. I believe Mike sent you an email about it. You may not have gotten it yet though.
    Sorry about that.

    Have a nice night,
    if you were interested i have a landscape trailer, its a single axle 12 footer. unfortuantely no paperwork because of my clumsy now ex-employess. but registered it as homemade before because who i bought it off didnt have any paperwork either. let me know. 617 347 4012 anytime. thanks.
    I found somethin! 18', 2001 in Dayville CT. He want's $1850, I would go with 1500, and offer 1300 to him. His name is Bryan, his number is 860.942.7735. I don't know him. GL if you pursue it.
    I searched on CL and found it after three weeks in Delaware. I think I paid around 1500 for it. Practically brand new, the guy bought it thinking he would be able to tow it with a Ford Ranger, lol. So I got a good deal.
    2700, and taxes to be paid when registering. I haven't gotten it yet but I'm buying it from a dealer here in Canterbuty, CT. I'm going with a dual axle, 7k gvw in red. I'll post as soon as I can.
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