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  • Hi, Thanks for the help. I was thinking like $300 because of the time slot they want at the end of the week and no weekends. That would make it difficult to catch up if it rains. Also what would you think about Fall Clean up for this property. There are allot of trees and that court yard is going to be a pain. They want 2 of them.
    It was around 1 month from taking the test I THINK. Maybe around 2 weeks or so after I got results....
    Hi, Congrats on getting your irrigation Lic. Quick question if I could ask you, how long between seeing your test results on the TCEQ website to getting you License. I passed after taking the test on 2/23. Thanks
    I will contact you with a shipping price...right now i am going to see if I can sell locally...if not I will ship it...there is one other guy in front of you though.
    i would like a picture of the velke that you have 4 sale and what shipping would cost to nj 08088. if not to much shipping i will take it. you can tear it apart to box it.
    let me know. my son 17yro is just starting out doing lawns.
    allen anixon92@gmail.com
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