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  • Rob
    im not sure what unit you are asking about i think its a toro z master correct? the leaf plow on that one has seen better days. they dont last long thats only one season old and did you see all the extra worki did to it just to get it threw the fall.we have 7 z turns and they all have the leaf plows on them in my opinion its the best thing in the world i dont own a tarp any more and we hardley use push blowers... they are great but they dont last long if you have a crew running them..
    call me anytime if you have ?s its never a bother
    Allen 860 209 3844
    I worked at Osborn and now at Garner closer to home. Landscaping is nice extra money and its nice to get out of the prison and get some air. If you have any other questions feel free to message me back......
    What's up,,,,,so which dump prison do you work at??? I had a landscape Co as a kid and I recall doing about 275,000 in sales ,,and it was rough but I do remember alot of good times,,enjoy the outdoors,,,although I am also thinking of some remodeling ect,,,I am pretty handy with the hands,,might do some windows siding decks rct?? just dont know,,or I could just work in the hospital as a nurse (which sucks but alright in money) I dont know at this point??thanks for the comment dude,,,,Carl Robinson here
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