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  1. little wonder 8 hp big enough????

    i do mostly res mowing etc....i have 2 churches that i maintain. both hv smaller parking lots....prob 50x100 ft long....are the 8 hp lil wonder walk behind blowers sufficient? I have maintained these for 10 years w just a backpack blower, and that does fine....however i have ran across a pretty...
  2. septic system replaced-what seed to use

  3. Trailers in NC

    Colfax Trailer & Repair 8426 Norcross, Colfax, NC 27235 (336) 993-1651 They build custom trailers and accessories
  4. can you put a gate on a tilt trailer?

    sure you can. I added one to my 6x10. I also welded the front of the trailer down. Doesnt tilt anymore. Few hrs of work, and about $225.00 worth angle iron and expanded steel.
  5. 5 or 6 foot wide trailer?

    go with the 6' trailer. Not much price difference b/w the two. You wont notice any real improvements on towing. Little more weight to pull but you wont have as much trailer sway.
  6. replacement kohler w/o oil cooler

    I have found a really good deal on a new kohler cv-730s as an extra replacement engine. currently I have all 25hp kohlers. The only drawback if any, this engine has no oil cooler. I know for fact that this engine came off a new but damaged scotts mower. It runs as a new should. Any real big...
  7. towing with a 4runner

    I have a 1996 toyota t100 v6. It supposidly is the 4 runner chasis and engine with a truck body. Its a 3.4 ltre. I pull a bobcat 60" ztr and walkbehind, 2 trimmers etc. It does fine on a 6x12. It has 80,000 miles on it and does exactly what I need it to do. Go for the bigger trailer!
  8. ztr hydraulic pump rebuild???

    I dont have any that are bad, but it has been pondered if the drive pumps can be rebuilt? Are there kits for this? Sure, its easier just to swap, just curious if anyone has rebuilt one with any luck?
  9. Small Trailer Dealer in NC?

    Hartsog Trailer Co. in North Wilkesboro has the best prices that I have found. They always beat everyone's prices by $300.00. Course it may not benefit you being in Chapel Hill. Owensby Trailer in Greensboro (336) 299-5660 is another, but their prices are inline with everyone else.
  10. new cv25s hard to spin over

    I recently replaced my bobcat zt200 engine. It is a cv25s spec 69538. the engine is new, however when you attempt to spin it over, it wants to spin 1 round then lock. Spin another round then lock. It sounds like it has so much compression its hard to spin over. Problem gets worse as the engine...
  11. bobcat ztr's w/ generac engines

    has anyone seen these yet. I have several w/ kohler engines but wondering about how these hold up. These were 60" cut w/ 33hp generac guardian engines.
  12. Used ZT 225 w/800 hrs.

    no known problems to speak of. We have 5 of these mowers 22hp +25hp both run excellent. top notch mowers. The mowers that we have range between 800-1700 hrs. No real problems other than normal wear on clutches etc.
  13. short crank

    how long is the new crank. if the engine seems to be ok and you dont want to mess with it, I might be interested if you want to sell it.
  14. short crank

    i had a cv22 on a bobcat mower that had warped heads. I bought off ebay a cv25 that had a 7/8" shorter crankshaft. Luckily bobcats have a spacer welded to the engine to deck pulley and had plenty of room to cut off 7/8'' off that spacer to work perfect. 7/8'' isnt much to cut off when the belt...
  15. briggs part number??

    not hard to start at all, just doing it because.... Thanks for the link