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  • We have been distributing ICT Organics products for almost 20 years. NPP works very well at the labeled rate. We also have some mychorizea products.
    Email me at techterra@comcast.com for more info.
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    I sent an email to you about the npp and branch creek productsl. Is Cherry Hill Site one ever going to get back Screamin green? They keep pushing the Lebanon Eco Blend, Expensive at $30 a bag 16 2 3.
    I have 2 exmark 30” mowers I want to get rid of. One of them has a new engine. Interested? 1,100 each.
    -what are your thoughts on the market?
    -is there money in leaf removal since most towns offer leaf pick up? also noticed a town ordinance that says if a landscape company does the leafs the ,must remove them. is this true and does anyone follow?
    -do people offer or want snow removal?
    -some services i would like to offer and plan on getting educated in hardscaping, planting, fertilizing, sprinklers and mulching. do i need to offer all of the services? Are peole who are just cutting making money? i know the more i offer the more potential for money there is. I want to make this my career eventually.

    Thank you for your help and what other advice you have to offer.
    Thank you for getting back to me. I recently moved to HH from Bucks County PA near New Hope. Landscaping up there was different then around here in that all lawns were 1+ acre. but besides lawn size it seems like there is alot of money out there to be had if you offer the proper services. Previously i used an exmark metro 36", laser z 60",echo srm 226 and redmax blowers. My previous buisness was to have some money while me and my brother were in school, it got alittle crazy to juggle school and the company since we had 50+ lawns half wanted mulching and leafs. Anyway we both graduated got full-time jobs and sold the company. after a few years off I have been itching to get back in. I want to offer more then cutting, mulching and leaf removal so i realize i should take classes when offered. my questions are.
    Hello oqueoque, I am from your area and after 10+ years working for somebody I am looking to open my own company. Any advice you could give me? I know its a difficult area, but to me it looks like there are a lot of companies who only offer cutting. would you agree with that? any advice would help. thanks
    Hello oqueoque,

    I am fairly new in the lawn care an landscaping business I have being requested to place a bid in two apartment complexes from the same management group the problem is that I don't know how charge for every service the require and they gave me budget to work with please give some advice on how to bid this type of contracts.
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