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  • Hey Patriot,
    We'd love to have you running some Sarlo BigMo's... if you're interested, please give me a call at (336) 414-0646. Thanks, gp
    Hi there,

    I recently stumbled upon this site, in an attempt to learn more about what advertising and marketing works for lawn care professionals. Reason being, I own a pool service company in Sarasota and their aren't really any forums of this magnitude dedicated to pool op's. After reading every thread regarding advertising, some dedicated to members considering pool service, I saw you post in every one. I see you're located in Tampa, so I'm not in your area. I also saw that you have quite a nice pool route built. I wondered if you could tell me what helped you acquire those pools? If not, I understand too. I started the business in August, and it has been up and down up to this point. The small business aspect of it is all new to me, so it can be scary at times. Any tips you could give me would be greatly appreciated!

    - Chris Hale

    Into the Blue Pools l (941) 893-9742 l l
    Patriot Services
    Patriot Services
    Hey, how has it been going for you? I'm sure you got quite a few accounts without much trouble. There isnt nearly the competition as for lawn accounts.
    Patriot Services,

    I saw your post;

    Echo,echo and more echo. All echo. Echo dealer is awesome. Still dealer is on kill list. Rudest ass towards the people that want to spend money in his store.

    I live in Clearwater, what store are you buying from?

    Saw your post... Interested in testing the DEWALT tools?

    I work for DEWALT. E-mail me at

    Please keep this private.
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