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Recent content by Patriots

  1. Turn key businesses (fort worth, texas)

    Yes, our marketing is very effective - if interested in a business that makes money please give us a call.
  2. Turn key businesses (fort worth, texas)

    All businesses located in northeast tarrant county (fort worth). A unique business opportunity to own your own lawn care company with the backing of one of the biggest names in the industry. Promowing.com has six turn key opportunities for select qualified individuals. These businesses will...
  3. *** business for sale $570,000 per year sales***

    For serious inquires only. Health concerns is forcing the sale of the one of the largest, and most recognizable names in residential mowing companies in the DFW, Texas Metroplex. 400+ weekly residential customers, 4 full crews, offices, staff, equipment, computer system, logo, all marketing...
  4. Fs: 1998 gmc 2500

    Would you reduce price without the utility bed?
  5. Buy the bed and get a free truck

    Thanks Marc, but are these guys serious? I love it - "If you do this and this and this, you can build your own bed out of playdough and staples for $12.85." I'm not sure how many beds mowingman has built, but we are on thirteen in-house beds and counting, and not even the 21'' mower 1/2 ton...
  6. Buy the bed and get a free truck

    Bed is 11.7 x 7.5 - dove is just about 4 feet. Solid Metal Floor, 3 piece trimmer rack, water cooler holder, and full upper cage. Truck is an 1989 GMC 2500 2wd 5.7ltr automatic. 171,000 miles, tires less than a year old, all new front brakes and calipers, and two year old black paint job...
  7. Buy the bed and get a free truck

    I will post more details on Monday, for the time being just amused by those with more time than money on this site.
  8. Buy the bed and get a free truck

    Ahhh, no - the price is $4000.00. Will consider trades for a nice 36'' plus cash.
  9. Buy the bed and get a free truck

    Two year old custom built lawn/landscape bed in good condition, only showing normal wear and tear. Bed is sitting on a 1989 GMC 2500 with blown head gasket - truck has run great in the past, brand new brakes and tires - but it is a 20 year old work truck and the interior shows it. $4000.00.
  10. 32" Exmark Walk Behind

    Still for sale - let me know as soon as possible.
  11. 21'' Toro Prolines - 16 For Sale

    Just a post-christmas bump.
  12. 21'' Toro Prolines - 16 For Sale

    No - we are not Just Mowing.
  13. 21'' Toro Prolines - 16 For Sale

    We are a full 12 hour drive from Knoxville - done it a few times.
  14. 21'' Toro Prolines - 16 For Sale

    Selling off our fleet, as normal we change out all 21's every two years. All mowers run great and have been serviced weekly by in-house mechanic. All mowers have bags, mulch plugs, and blades that have been replaced within past 3 months. First come first serve, 16 mowers in all - all prices...
  15. Wanted- Wright 52" - Newer Npr Truck

    Are you still looking? I know I am a little far from you but I currently have a 1997 Isuzu NPR with Landscape Bed and a 2006 52'' Wright Stander for sale. Let me know if interested.