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  • I don't think my account has enough posts to send a PM yet. Can you send me one with more information about the OMRI listed, selective herbicide?
    I understand that you sell a pelletizaed compost? Is this correct? If so, I'd love some info. I'm a LCO in VA. Many thanks for your time.

    Too bad you're back east. I've only used the "Ecolawn" topdresser on demo. I wasn't a fan of the 3-wheel stance and I felt, at 250 pounds, the machine wasn't heavy enough to handle much moisture content in the mix I was using.
    So, is the 100SP nice and stable? The brush, combined with the conveyor seems like a good system. The Ecolawn has a conveyor belt but is gravity fed onto a spinner so ANY moisture means you have to have the rate-gate maxed to get any material flowing. Since we live on the "wet coast" out here in Vancouver, Canada, I need something that can spread material with at least SOME moisture in it.
    Some of my sites are over an acre. Can this machine spread something that large with efficiency? I was interested in the Ecolawn at first because I thought the spinner might broadcast the material up to 9 ft. wide, but that's in ideal conditions. We were always having to jab at the material in the hopper to get it to flow at times, which meant two guys following the machine around the site at all times. Pretty inefficient.

    Anyway, I've rambled enough. Thanks for the time. I look forward to your reply.



    p.s. I may have some questions about "Nutrients Plus" if that's okay.
    Hi there,
    What's the status of your topdresser? What are you asking for it? What are they worth new?
    Thanks Barry for the suggestion. We already orderd 6 semi's for next year. But, If you have any information you can email it too me, and we can look at it . my email is
    Barry, I have been following some of the Screamin Green threads. Is there a way to purchase as a homeowner in small qty? I would like to give it a try for my last application this year.

    let me know...
    I am interested in bridge products but I can not even begin to think you would be competitive cost wise shipping products from NJ.
    Sir, I am attempting to learn more. Mistakes happen, and I do not wish to repeat them. Your comment was arrogant and not helpful.
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