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  • Hi piston slapper, I recently purchased an exmark 60” with a 27 Kohler. The left hand side wheedle doesn’t seem to have any power cold or hot. If I jack it up and run that wheel it will go forward and backward but I can stop it with my hand. Also notice with the machine off I can spin that wheel with ease. Any hep would be much appreciated.
    Hello piston slapper my Uncle Has a 23 horse power kohler mower and says the magnet arrangment in flywheel is 7 magnets which all are same?Can this be possible?please advise.
    Hi, in search of some possibilities here. We have an Exmark Lazer and today while cutting, the blades started slowing down, so we turned them off. Then a click-clack noise came from the engine and smoke. I turned the engine off. Now it will not crank. When you turn the key it just clicks. Tried jumping and makes no difference. Any suggestions?
    Hello Piston Slapper,

    I am from Tampa and am working on 2 projects. 1) CV740-0028 (Hustler) and 2) Command 20hp Kohler. I was wondering if you would do a consultation for me or at least look at the existing end play I have on these 2 engines.

    On the CV740 I have already had the crank turned, piston chambers de-glazed, replaced both pistons and rods, and replaced both heads. Had a catastrophic oil loss due to an oil seal going bad. I suspect the carb allowed gas to pass into the oil which killed the drain seal. There is a shim for the crankshaft that I believed was on the outside to protect it from the pulley. However, I am allowing doubt there and thinking it was actually inside but I see no shims on the diagram.

    On the Command 20hp. I had a small crack welded. The torque was improper and 4 bolts loosened on the cover.

    Thank you,



    I understand that most mechanics rather not touch an engine they were not involved 100% with.
    Hi Piston Slapper- Got a question.. I posted this today but asked Rob earlier and he didn't know. Will a briggs vanguard head off a vertical shaft engine work on a horizontal shaft? horz is 18hp and the vertical shaft head is off a 20hp. I thought read 18-20 heads same but don't know if vertical same as horz? (look same)
    Piston Slapper,

    First I like the name. I saw in one of your postings that you had your own shop, I presume that was a repair shop.
    I did 23 years in the lawn maintenance field and then worked for a small engine repair business for several years. Now, I'm venturing out with my own Small engine repair shop Mobile service. Everyone I have talked to loves the idea. I bring the shop to you, so you don't have to go anywhere.

    Any advice you could pass my way would be greatly appreciated. I found this web site cause I was doing a google search, someone was talking on the forum about becoming a small engine mechanic. But I can't find on here where that might be. If you know of any links, could you post them.

    Oh, I live in the Northwest, Near Seattle.
    and as I have asked before...either "ignore" those that you do not agree with or care to converse with or, at least, do not attack them when you respond. I understand there are a lot of opinions and ideas on different topics, however, we can all still "get along" and voice those opinions without having to slam, or get slammed, for doing so

    as always, I would appreciate it...take care and have a great day :waving:
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