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  • just bought a 2013 329B grasshopper midmount. From what i see on your websight the powerchute will not fit? is this correct?
    Hi Norm,

    I have a Bobcat ZT223 52" mower and would consider pruchasing your Power Chute System if you can offer me a better package price than shown on your web site which includes shipping by USPS to Ontario postal code N0P 2CO. With USPS I never have any brokerage fees to pay and most times no Canadian taxes either. I would be willing to pay by either Paypal as indicated on your website or by using my credit card.

    Hi norm, my name is jon tucker and back in early 2008 I purchased a powerchute for my 757, I absolutely love it, until I recently got to close to a tree with low lying limbs and one limb hung the wires and ripped it out the pedal, my question is, do you have a spec sheet so I could rewire it back, I don’t have the money to purchase a new switch rite now. And also would a toggle switch work for my application? My email is jtucker825@yahoo.com. My cell is 615-517-1192. at the time of the purchase I live in cornersville ,tn 37047. I have since moved to brentwood tn. Any help would be great, thank you. alos my name on lawnsite is bigshow825
    What is the lastest on the foot pedals? Just wondering I bought one of your units about three weeks go and have the toggle.

    I am looking for a blocker that I can use with my oem chute. If my guys have the blocker up, I'd still like to have the oem chute on to keep flying debris to a minimum.
    I'm sorry, but I don't understand. If you mean the stock O.E.M. deflector and the Power Chute the answer is no. But, the Power Chute replaces the OEM deflector and can be used in it's place. Thanks...Norm
    is it possible to run the chute as well as your blocker? we run scag ztr & ferris walkbehinds.
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