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  • hello joe, I didn't want to put my number in an open post. please call if you still need help. robert. 508-400-9283
    Awesome...thanx! Like I said, I'm stuck here at work (911 Dispatch) till midnite. I'll give you a shout tomorrow.
    Oops...just realized my phone's dead (dammit!), and I'm stuck at work till midnite. Anyway, I just found your phone number in one of these messages, so maybe I'll give ya a shout tomorrow. Since funds are limited, I'd prob lean towards the '02. Any thing I should know about it? Matt
    Hey there! Not sure if I have enough posts yet to send a PM, so when you get a chance, could you give me a call? 845-489-2371. Definately interested in one or the other Lesco's. Thanx! Matt
    i called it first PLC.... i think so atleast.... ill race you to the first bid by the way i dont know if this is a pm either. well you wanted it bhgcservice@aol.com
    Hey im kinda new at this and do not know if this is how i PM you but i am interested in the trailer for sale. I would like to see if you have any pictures of it that i could maybe take a look at. Thanks for your response to my post
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