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  • I seed anytime during the growing season, if I can get water to it... If your problem is too much water right now then put the seed in the ground and irrigate Only as needed...

    We've finally gotten past our heat wave so the future weather will mean that irrigation is less of an issue... When you get below 80 degrees for daytime highs,, your seeds should be fine w/out excessive watering...
    Hi Smallaxe:

    Thanks for responding to my "clobbered by rain and fungus" post. I do have an issue, though. I'm not sure how proceed with reseeding. Do I do it now with active rust (on what little lawn that remains), or do I wait for things to continue to dry out and reseed next spring or fall?
    If you like, you can get me at joerusin@gmail.com
    I'm a tough human. things are looking good. I should be back in the saddle soon. thanks for the support.
    Axe, whats up. I'm sitting in a hospitable bed since Friday. Apparently I had a small stroke. I did not take my blood pressure meds for a year so my body or my (system) adjusted to living with high pressure. Once I got back on my meds 3 weeks ago and brought down my average pressure of 185/125 to a normal 120/80 my system normal had range had increased. So 120/80 was dangerous for me. Know the neurologist is trying to determine what my new system requirement numbers should be Systolic/Diastolic. so that I can be prescribed the right dose of BP medicine as to not have another stroke. Weird don't you think.
    Dear Smallaxe,
    Thank you for taking the time to respond. Sorry, I'm so long in acknowledging. After several delays, we finally closed on the property 3 weeks ago and moved in last week. I'm keeping notes of everything you mentioned about the deer problem, it probably won't be for at least another year before we get that far along on the property, but I do appreciate your input. I like the idea of the two parallel wires 6 ft apart with a zig-zag wire running between. That would make for a better view. Maybe, do the 4 ft field fence to keep out smaller critters and add something like the zig-zag wire above it. Hmmmmm, lots to think about.
    Hi all....we have been in business over 20 yrs for lawn maintenance. We just finished a big job for a dentist who requested landscaping. We don't normally do this and are unsure of what to charge. We have planted the following 470-1 gal. mondo
    100-1 gal. jasmine
    12-3 gal. phillys
    13-3 gal. plumbago
    15-3 gal. firecracker
    11-3 gal. stromantha

    What do you charge per plant?

    Thanks...and we are in Fl.
    Dear Smallaxe, you posted to my thread:

    I did something rather unconventional that worked for our deer pressure w/out using an 8' woven wire fence and therefore did not block your view... there are a couple of simple variations that work well... If you're interested, let me know and I'll take the time to discuss it with you...

    I am very much interested in what you have to comment on. My co-worker said all we need are scarecrows, is this true?
    taking dead grass and similar organic materials out of the turf is like stripping paint off the car so it holds wax better...
    you seed will do much better in dead grass clippings than on bare soil,,, therefore bagging when mowing and dethatching and removing that asset is an error...
    Smallaxe Thank-You for your help in my question about seeding over the dead grass from the Spit Seeder.

    What I need to do is take the mower over the dead grass that lays on to and mow it uo than seed over it. Do you think that the seed will fall to the ground so it has contact with the soil?

    I understand what you are saying about the mousture and that is what you want so you will get a very good stand of grass.
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