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  • seen a old post- you happen to have any parts left on the scag 36? (need gas tank and holding straps) also looking for deck cover but 48 or bigger. thanks- Gene
    I can make logos and webpages if you'r einterested? A logo is a powerful way for customers to remember you when trying to decide who to call or the job. Contact me at davepolner@hotmail.com and I'll talk to you there!
    Where are you located in LA. ? Mosquito spraying is a health concern and requires a separate endorsement.
    Hi, Steven I saw your post about selective pesticide treatment and just wanted to offer some help, I work for a chemical dealer/in pesticides,herbicides and etc. If you would like just email me your questions.....rodney@precisionchemical.com....Oh, good luck on the tests results.
    I was reading an old post about a sample contract you use, can you email it to me as well please? procslc@yahoo.com please and thank you!
    My e-mail is: egoist_pz@yahoo.com
    Please send me that seasonal contract that you have.
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