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  • I saw where you were looking for a 36 in. Mower. I've got a 36 Scag Rider Commercial Grade Mower with 237 hours if your interested. My number is (270) 929-3801 I'm located in Owensboro, Ky
    The 36 would be perfect for a bid I just put in I should know by 3/26 if I get it. Please let me know if you still have it then. I live in southern IL. not too far away.
    I sent you an email will give you 1700 for it call me at 205-841-5080 if you did not get my email...see you sunday afternoon!
    Can you send me some pictures of the 36? alalawn at bellsouth.net Would you be willing to meet me in Bowling Green this weekend if I gave you $1500 for it.
    Todd we spoke earlier today on the phone, but forgot to ask if the scag has a grass catcher that comes with. Thanks Mike
    hey, you said to call you but i dont have your number so i figured i would just send u a msg. my boat is a 21 foot Cheetah 454 big block with just over 300 hours on it. it is an 88 model but doesnt look like it on the outside. i installed a super loud $2800 sound system in it right after i got it. it has through hull exhaust and sounds very good... i am the 3rd owner of the boat and since i am in school and trying to pay bills too i really need to get rid of it and invest my money back into something that can produce money haha i have about 10500 in the boat not counting the brand new waterpump thats in it. the waverunner is a 97 yamaha gp 1200 2 seater. the motor was rebuilt a few years ago (probably about 60-75 hours ago) when this was done a yamaha riva performance kit was installed and the motor was bored to a 1262. it is appx 175 hp and IT WILL FLY!! i weigh 220 and have had it at 70 mph. its a blast and so is the boat but i definately cannot afford both esp since everyone wants a free ride when i go to the lake. if you are interested in either of these please get back with me!
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