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  1. stolen 1995 F350

    Whats the bounty Price?
  2. BR600 took a crap today

    What happens is those black rubber bushings wear out, and then the tank vibrates to much, causing the gas line to crack. Watch those bushings
  3. stamped vs welded deck

    You still put the pressure on the "joint" yet it is spread much better with a stamped deck, so you are less likely to have a problem Vance
  4. The worst commercial mower you've owned.

    I agree..I was the first Lawn care compnay around here to use the 26, and it sucked. I took it back to my dealer and said i wanted a 21...10 mins later i left with a exchange slip, and a new 21. vance
  5. The worst commercial mower you've owned.

    Every time I have owned a kohler engine I have had a problem...That makes me 4/4 on kohler engine problems to engines owned. Now i dont let anything in my garage unless its says Kawasaki. I am 0/14 on engine problems with the kawis. Vance
  6. Ferris: the heaviest mid mount in the industry?

    Yeah when it comes to an impact. It's a good comment but if you put a pivot point you can change the equation. Physics. Vance
  7. Ferris: the heaviest mid mount in the industry?

    Whats the depth of that deck? If you care about the "cut" deck height is one of the more important things to consider.
  8. Claims to fame!-Who do you work for?

    Your my hero.
  9. What else should i sell?

    I think you have a good idea. I respect Shyindaiw, and Redmax just the same, i only like Husquarva saws. But maybe you could network with one of those dealers and not stock any two cycle stuff. I have only bought Exmark and Stihl form two seperate dealers my entire career.
  10. Proslide - Worth it??????????????

    Why is that, even a hydro exmark? vance
  11. Minnesota Green Expo

    I go ever year! Vance
  12. exmark 26

    I baught on when it came out. Beside haveing to bring it a couple times to get it fixes....very weird failures...which exmark has fixed by now This sucks at going up hills ( it just wont!) taking it out a truck by your self way more difficult. Truning is more difficult...
  13. What was the best time and money saving tip you discovered by your self.

    I have all ways used trailer tires on trailer, yet in the furture i am going to use car tires. I dissagree with your quote to not use care tires on trailers. You buy the right tire, and they will last 3 times that of a trailer tire. Vance
  14. new girlfriend (the other one wasn't good enough)

    Agreed! I am still loyal to Stihl. We have 5 BR600's. They are nice just had a lot of problems with gas lines breaking. You need to make sure those black rubber bushings get replace when they are worn out or else there is to much vibration and then the lines break. Vance
  15. My Pro-Locker experience

    Interesting.....I didn't know metal just failed (sarcastic)....I thought for some reason it fatigued over time, then broke. My opinion you didn't have a good break on your mower and now your pissed. I am the owner of 6 Pro lockers. Never had a problem! Pro lockers have saved me tons of...