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  • Never mind the pics. Didn't realize your in Virginia Beach. To far away. Thanks anyway.
    Please text me a pic of the hurricane blower you have for sale. 843-four five eight-54threetwo. Thanks Russell
    I am heading to Hilton head today. If you are interested in the blower I can bring it down with me.
    no problem...if you have questions, go to my website www dot theyardboy dot net and send me an email
    Hi Will,

    I had read many threads with you helping out fellow contractors and people just starting out looking for help with building business credit. I really thought it was great how you took the time to give information out and really liked how the people responded to you that i felt i should join this site and see if you would be interested in possibly helping me.

    I'm 3 years in business and i have an LLC. I work with five different suppliers. Home Depot, Universal Supply, WallWork Brothers, Sid Harvey, And a small plumbing store who all gave the green light to write company checks to for the past 3 years, Supposedly they did a background check with the banks and looked up my business.

    After the many mentions about D & B and getting a duns number i went on the site to search my company and it is listed there. I went the back door like you said on the Gov site and online got my 9 digit # in 5 min. Question, How long should i wait to go for the staples card,and a sunoco card, both dont ask fo a PG. Since i have been listed on d & B without knowledge, would mean suppliers are giving out my info?? I never bounced a check also. How would i get my paydex score?

    Sorry for the ramble, I hope you can find time to help me out.

    Good luck to you,

    Hey can you send me an email. I have questions about Service Auto Pilot. Seems you may be the best person to answer the questions I am in the process of either purchasing it or QXPress. Holler at me over at dchiarito@gmail.com. Thank you
    I am new to this site and am just courious is if the 07 F750 hook lift and seven dumpsters are still available or if it has been sold. I am thinking of getting into the business in my area.
    No I am not using that company. It was called Advertising deliver service or ADS. I am just hiring friends who are out of work right now.
    Same here. Work has been good from my existing clientel. Aeration/Seed, Fert and compost. Got to head to Bennet's Creek and pick up some annuals soon. Its almost time for the spring ones to come in. I advertised Saturday with flyers in our targeted neighborhoods, no response yet but several people were interested that I talked to. They said they would call. Are you still using the same company you did last year? Who did you use?
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