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  • I was reading a post about downsizing and you had mentioned you downsized from employees? I currently have 10 employees landscaping company with shop lot of trucks etc.... I am thinking about downsizing to a home base business maybe me and one helper and just focus on lawn cutting and lawn care? If I understand rite you have made this move as well?
    Log onto www.startron.com

    Look for the "Where to buy" box at the upper right hand corner. Select Star Tron gas and when the page opens, enter your zip code to see a list of the retailers in your area that carry Star Tron.

    If you have any questions, you can call us directly at (800) 327-8583
    The starter relay should be under your control panel , it just unplugs. Take it to your local auto parts store and they should be able to match it up for you.
    Hey! I was reading in a thread where you said that you replaced the starter relay in your Tiger Cub. I have a 23HP Kawasaki engine in mine and I'm having what sounds like it's the same problem as you had. I was wondering what type of starter relay you replaced it with? Would it be the same in my 23HP engine, and do you think I'd be able to do it myself? I don't have a lot of mechanical experience
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