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  1. Equipment for sale

    Getting out of the buisness this year. I am selling all of my equipment. All of it is new within the last two years. Here is a list. 2003 60" Lazer w/27hp Kohler. 70hrs on Mower, Mulch kit included $6900.00 2002 48" Exmark hydro W/B 17hp Kaw. Mulch kit and Bagger $3900.00 approx. 150 hrs...
  2. Increasing RPMs

    I just put a rpm device on my lazer (new with a 27 hp kholer) I notice that wiht no load the rpms are a little low (3300-3500) I would like to increase them to 3700 which I believe is what the specified rpms are. I have checked the throttle cable and choke cable and both are fine and working...
  3. Thinking of retirement!!

    I am thinking of selling the buisness this winter. What do accounts go for in your areas. These are mostly lawn accounts. Some have mulching and two are full service (no fert.) Does 75% of a years gross sound way off? Thanks Tom
  4. Blowout!!

    I have a new 60" with a 27 kohler. I am having problems with blowout just in the front left side of the deck. I have checked the pitch of the deck and leveled it. I am still getting the blow out . Now that I have the mulching kit on its worse. Any suggestions??? Thanks