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  1. Scag 48 what is it worth

    I have a Scag 48" with Kaw. 19 hp bought it new in 2006 it has 453 hrs. on it. it has scratches on it. other then that looks good. runs good no problems just getting out of buisness. so selling all my equipment.can anyone tell me what is it worth.Thanks
  2. Hard pull start

    Have a Kohler Pro 13 and went to use it last week and it was real hard to pull start like it was lock up.and at one time it suck back in about rip my arm it to start and ran fine.I dont use the mower that much.can anyone give me any ideas what this can be.Thanks
  3. Clutch question

    Can anyone give me some reasons why my clutch went bad.I have a Scag 36 walk behind.the mower does not get used on a regular basis.does anyone think body weight have anything to do with it.I am 6 ft 300 lbs.any info please Thanks!
  4. Transmission Problem

    Have a Scag 36 walk behind and been noticing while i have it in 4Th gear .I notice I have a skip or a miss or a slight jerk don't really know how to explain I been using 3rd gear lately and does not do it.looked on top of tranny this is what I saw Tecum Sem. 3628 P1.can any one give some...
  5. Valve question

    When I have one of my zones running I noticed I have low Pressure.while I was walking around I heard a noise coming from my valve box.while the zone was running I open the bleeder valve and the zone had total pressure and working fine.after I shut down the zone and restarted a zone test went...
  6. Air Filter

    Where do you think the best place to get air filter from.I need AF-25550 Fleetguard comes out of 19 hp Kawasaki.I check J-THOMAS AND could not fine it online.any help please.
  7. Door Magnets

    Can anyone tell me ,do I need to have any special Insurance on my vehicle or how does it work.can I put them on my vehicle with no problem. I am in Tampa Fl, area.
  8. Laurel Oaks

    I have to do an estimate on planting 6 Laurel Oaks 30 gallon.can anyone help
  9. Stihl FS85 problems

    While working at full speed ,all of sudden it shuts off. then when I go and try to start it back up, nothing.I have to let it sit for a couple of hours.then it works fine.can any one help. Thanks p.s I am no mechanic but it seems like something is causing it to flood.
  10. Bahia Sod question

    I have an area of 84 sq ft.can any one tell me how many pieces of bahia sod I will need. Thanks
  11. Blades

    I have a Scag 48 and a scag36. I need some info on some replacement blades.can anyone please tell me what I should look for in a blade.should I get a mulching blade.and tell me the best place to get blades from.should I get a hi lift set of I said please any info would be nice.I am...
  12. Gator Power (Tampa Area)

    Has anybody had any problems with them.or can you tell any thing about them.Thanks
  13. IN need of Info

    I have a Scag 36 walk behind with a Kohler on I went to start my mower and noticed it would not start.I checked the fuel and It was empty.I swor that it had fuel in I loaded up on the trailer and went to fuel up at the gas station and also checked the oil it was not showing on...
  14. 6x12 open trailer

    I am sorry for asking this. I know sometime before this has been asked so here it goes again.I will be buying a Scag 48" zero turn and a 36"walk behind will I have problem with them fitting on a 6x12 open trailer.Thanks for any help.
  15. Help

    I have a 36" Gravely with a Brand New Kawasaki FB460V 12.5.also has brand new tires all new wiring ,brand new spindles,belts hand grips,blades,pulleys.but the deck is not in the best looking condition but works fine.can any one tell me what its worth.I am thinking of selling it...
  16. Look!!

    I have 3 Irritrol Valves For Sale Brand New. 1.5" 216 B Model . I will take the best offer just sitting in my @
  17. Blade Info

    Just starting out in the Business and I need some info so any would help.I would like to know what do you think is the best type of blade out there.I have a Toro 44" and a Gravely 36".WHAT GIVES THE BEST CUT. Thank you :dizzy:
  18. Hedges Estimate

    I need some help with some pricing on a side job.they have 100' of Viburnum hedges and need around 3 feet taken off the top and 3 sides hedge.can any one help me with a proper estimate.Thanks
  19. Question?

    Can anyone help me? I have a 5/8 water meter and a 3/4 line to the house. can anyone maybe give an idea around how many sprayers and rotors I can use on a zone.I plan on using rain bird 1800 4" pop up and Hunter I-20 rotors.also I had a static pressure of 60. :help:
  20. Check this out

    I have 3 brand new Irritrol 1.5" valves with solenoids For Sale.I will take the best offer.just sitting in my garage.buyer pays for me at :help: