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  1. Question for exmark guys

    I was talking with another contractor that has a kubota mowers. I was trying to tell me that exmark mowers are in the shop for work more then any mower. Just was wondering if this is true. Also wondering what everyone prefers for quality cutting.
  2. sample contract

    Does anyboby have a sample contract that I look at for start up and winterizations?
  3. can't believe this

    This mourning it was snowing here and I get a call for a guy that wants to know if I have a leaf vacuum because he has leaves in his yard. He wants me to come out and remove the leaves from his yard, I asked him how much snow he had cause I had at least 1 inch, he says he has about the same...
  4. Is this a good buy

    Seen in the paper for a little wonder 6hp for Sale. They want $475 for it. I went and seen it. It is in excellent condition and only used twice. I was wondering if good buy or not. Called around and a new one is $700 or more