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  1. nursery/floral certificate

    ?, i need my certificate to buy wholesale, but the state is taking forever to get it to me, and i have a couple of jobs waiting, need ideas of what to do, or what can i do????? Thanks for helping in this urgent matter.
  2. non soliciting neighborhoods

    What are yalls suggestions on advertising in a non soliciting neighborhood, there are big properties, and rich clients, whats the best way to penetrate the area, thanks' Scott
  3. sod bid urgent request

    I am wanting to know a good rule of thumb for charging someone for a sod job...what is a good way to bid on top of the price of sod? Your help is needed asap, and is much appreciated. thanks, Scott Knussmann Lawn & Landscape
  4. money maker!

    do you guys think there is to be more money made in mowing and landscaping, rather than irrigation, just interested in your opinions. Thanks
  5. Irrigation license and backflow

    who do i go to to get a irrigation license in texas, close to ft worth, and also, is there good money in getting a backflow license! Please respond, i am graduating college in December and my brother and i are ready to get rolling in business, we have customers and i can out in a system, just...