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  1. Locked In An Advertising Contract???

    Greetings All....Like a dumbarse, I signed a deal with a local magazine/ad rag. Its one of those that put in a few articles about local happenings and sells a bunch of ads to go in it. I would get their publication in my mail box at home. Thats how I found them. They also leave their rags at...
  2. Shrub Apps

    I like to alternate my shrub app chems throughout the year. I see acephate is gonna be hard to find....especially in those 1/3 lb packets. I hear there will be/have been label changes? I'll use bifenthrin, cyfluthrin and acephate at times. I'll also use banner, bayleton and eagle...
  3. Moss in Expansion Joints Of Driveways?

    Can someone tell me how to get rid of it without staining/bleaching out the pavement? Thanks
  4. Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend

    Well sometimes you just have to cut the chord. Kinda like an employee that just doesn't give a crap anymore. Ran into my local Lesco for a few bags of 46-0-0. I almost had a Fred Sanford heart attack when he said "$29.44 a bag." $29.44???? I pull out my phone call BWI (a farther drive)...
  5. Safari For Whiteflies?

    I used safari for the first time. Is it what you'd use to solve whiteflies? They sure peez me off... Thanks
  6. Scotts Buying TGCL?? Say It's So, Joe...

    Interesting if it goes thru. Anyone else seen any smoke signals?
  7. Chapin Handcan Sprayers

    I am looking for some of the Chapin 2 gal pump up sprayers. You know, blue with the 18" wand and fan nozzle? My regular suppiler is out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Drew
  8. Houston, Texas Area

    I service west Houston and was wondering if any others here are from the area. I get asked constantly who to recommend for landscaping, ect., but really have no one to pass those calls to. if you wanna e-mail.
  9. Who Here Ferts & Squirts Out Of A Tractor?

    I was wondering how many of you guys do tractor work. You know.... fert, spraying ect., out of it. What do you roll with? As in tractor and sprayers....and where did you get it all? Is there a co, that specializes in stuff like this? And can I see it online? Post up some pics and show off...
  10. I Hate This Weed

    Can y'all help me out on an ID here? It's a booger in St Aug and coming on hard in Houston. It has a woody stem if that helps. Winner gets a heineken!
  11. Payroll Service?

    Does anyone here use an internet/nat'l payroll service? I am considering using one. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Tech Test

    I ran into an old co-worker who is stuck over at MegalawnCo the other day. He said they were given a tech test and only 3 (ot of 17) guys passed it.
  13. Can Anyone Guide Me To Someone Who Mails Postcards?

    I was hoping someone can recommend a service that will print and mail postcards from my list. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks
  14. Bni?

    I was wondering if any of you have associated yourselves with the BNI Network ( in your area. If anyone has any thoughts, I'd appreciate them. Thanks
  15. Ferromec On St Augustine?

    Just wondering if anyone else here uses Ferromec on St Augustine? I started off with another product as some of you may recall. I wasn't happy with the results from the 2-3 oz per K rate. When I asked about St Augustine, I was told to triple the rate. I wish it would have been on the label...
  16. Here's What I'll Use For Liquid To Start

    I have decided to try SeaQuential for my iron source. I chose it over Lesco's iron, and even Ferromec. I'd appreciate any thoughts or feedback. I will start spraying this on the 23rd when I start my next round. This should be a link to the label... Thanks...
  17. Question For Y'all That Buy Iron In 55 gal Drums...

    I am debating on how to draw my product out. I am caught between a drum rack and a valve or a pump and leave it upright. I am wondering if I should worry much about what settles at the bottom. Some wisdom and even insults will be appreciated. Thanks
  18. Time For Me To Think About My Summer Mix

    Chinch bug season is right around the corner and I'd like to re-think what I'll use. I am gonna run with Talstar again since I have it. For the fert, we would mix it with a 1/2 lb of N use powdered ferrous sulfate. We did that at my former employer as it was cheap. I ain't about the cheap. I...
  19. Great Marketing?

    How many of you use bandit signs? I personally never call anyone off of these...especially "homemade."