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  1. Hustler Trimstar Grips

    Hustler Trimstar Grips are spinning! I can no longer back the machine up because the grips just set and spin on the bars. I have no grip or control at all when I try to back up the mower! How can I glue these grips so they will stay and not spin? Any help is appreciated!
  2. Quickbooks Online vs. Invoice2go

    Any reviews?
  3. Good invoice app

    Anyone else using Invoice2Go? Would like to hear more reviews...
  4. Anyone wear dri-fit clothing with custom Logo?!

    Would like to know if anyone has made a purchase online for their dry-fit shirts? And if so, what website? Thanks!
  5. Anyone wear dri-fit clothing with custom Logo?!

    Which company is doing your work? Posted via Mobile Device
  6. Anyone wear dri-fit clothing with custom Logo?!

    I'm needing some Nike Dry-Fit shirts or Under Armor shirts with my logo on them. Does anyone wear either one of these shirts? And is it possible to put your logo and info on the shirts? Everyone sells cotton, just needing to know if it's possible to put logo and this material?
  7. New Engine or New Mower?

    I should add that we are talking about top of the line professional/commercial equipment with 60" deck and 27hp plus engine @ $10000 plus brand new. With engines being so cheap I think it would be good to just replace engine. I have over 2000 hours on hydro pumps and as long as you keep the...
  8. New Engine or New Mower?

    What is your preference once a mower reaches 2000 plus hours? New engine or new mower? Do you all keep your mower until it's out of warranty and then sell? Or do you just put a new engine on and keep on going?
  9. Z

    Sent you a PM.

    Sent you a PM.
  10. Looking for Best Software that can use IPad app

    I would really like to use the iPad in the field as well. Any lawn care apps that work well? I have Invoice2Go for Invoices, but would really like something for Scheduling & Routing.
  11. Kawasaki Engine surging

    No luck with the surging. Cleaned carb couple weeks ago and it didn't help. Not sure what it could be?
  12. Kawasaki Engine surging

    Thanks guys. I will try to clean carb and let you know if that fixes the issue. Posted via Mobile Device
  13. Kawasaki Engine surging

    I have a Kawasaki engine that may run fine or may start surging. If it does surge, it will last about 5 minutes and will die. Then it won't start back up until an hr or so. When it starts back up it may or may not surge. I've replaced fuel filter. I've replaced both ignition modules in...
  14. Hydraulic Ramp for Box Truck (Isuzu NPR, Chevy/GMC 4500)

    That would be awesome! Thanks!
  15. Hydraulic Ramp for Box Truck (Isuzu NPR, Chevy/GMC 4500)

    I'm wanting to build a hydraulic ramp for the box truck. Has anyone already built a hrdraic ramp similar to the SLT ramp? If so, please post pics and any ideas that you may have. How much do you think it would cost to build one bc SLT ramp is about $6000. Thanks for the help guys!
  16. Kohler EFI partnering with Delphi software

    How do you like the newer EFI technology with the Delphi software on the kohler engines? Good? Fair? Poor? Posted via Mobile Device
  17. EFI or Carburetor?

    Does the EFI mower have the same amount of power compared to the carb engines?
  18. Toro zmaster 3000 series

    Did you get the Kohler or Kawasaki engine? Also, what size? Enjoying the EFI compared to carb?
  19. Kawasaki fx921v hesitates when throttling/pto engage

    Ended up being ignition module for those that experience the same problem. Posted via Mobile Device
  20. Kawasaki fx921v hesitates when throttling/pto engage

    I checked this morning on the choke and nothing seemed to make any difference on the hesitation. This is a twin cylinder engine, so I went ahead and pulled the plug wire off from one cylinder. The mower fired up and ran a little rough, but not enough to really notice. Then I pulled the...