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  1. For the FB marketers. How to advertise to people who like my ad post?

    Inside the Box Marketing just did 10k targeted mail drop for one of my clients and got them 400 phone calls.
  2. For the FB marketers. How to advertise to people who like my ad post?

    You're probably looking at spending $0.50 - $0.60 per piece for a really good targeted piece. We don't offer postcard marketing, but I can highly recommend Inside the Box Marketing. They specialize in the restaurant industry but they've also produced pretty god results for the landscaping...
  3. For the FB marketers. How to advertise to people who like my ad post?

    If it's working for you, there's not much I can say, other than good for you! It's just a general rule of thumb that guys should typically stay away from social media if they're not already crushing it in search engines. However, I would say that EDDM has a response rate of less than 1% and if...
  4. For the FB marketers. How to advertise to people who like my ad post?

    Facebook doesn't perform well in this industry. You can get a decent amount of leads from a good ad, but you need an offer. However, when you advertise with offers you tend to attract a certain type of customer... We talk about it a bit in the Million Dollar Landscaper podcast
  5. How do I boost a Facebook post or advertise on Facebook?

    You can limit your target area. But I would recommend running your ad through Facebook Ads Manager if you're going to give money to Facebook. Which means taking this free class from Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/business/learn
  6. Fake Bad Google Review (2020)

    Most people who see his review won't think anything of it. Unless you responded to the review in a negative way... or one that wasn't as professional as it could have been. People don't just look at one star reviews and not read the context. You'll be fine. In fact, there's a study that...
  7. Anyone have advice for moving my site on Google?

    It comes down to a couple things. But ultimately is under the umbrella of "Local SEO" Here's a guide to how that works: SEO Part 4: Local SEO Your address in Google should be your actual business address. Don't be changing where you're located if you're not actually located there. You can...
  8. Just launched our website.

    I'd like to see a single-page site outrank an optimized multi-page site.
  9. My business isn’t showing up on google?

    A couple things: 1) It Google isn't going to place your business in the 3-pack or even in the local listing right away. Sometimes it's up there in a couple of weeks, sometimes it can take a month. 2) Google uses your website to rank you in Google Businesses. If your website isn't optimized for...
  10. Just launched our website.

    Awesome. For starters, I wrote a 4-part series on SEO that would really help you out. It's pretty easy to follow along with. SEO Part 1: What is SEO SEO Part 2: On-Site SEO SEO Part 3: Off-Site SEO SEO Part 4: Local SEO However, I'll point out a few quick things without going too into the...
  11. Just launched our website.

    Are you referring to what I have to say?
  12. Just launched our website.

    I really like the feel to your website. Did you design it yourself? I have a lot of SEO critiques if you want them. Some people don't. But seriously, it looks very professional.
  13. Targeting One Neighborhood with Google Ads

    Your alt-text is firing off fine. The tool that I used for this is the Moz Bar. I'm not sure if Squarespace is calling it something different, but there are 4 main elements to an image: File name The name of the file when you upload it to your site (image-file-name-.jpg) Alt-Text The...
  14. Targeting One Neighborhood with Google Ads

    That's really great to hear. I'm glad you find what I say helpful! I hope you can take this info and run a kick a** ad account!
  15. Targeting One Neighborhood with Google Ads

    This short answer is -- not exactly how you want to, no. This would be your best shot -- select whatever the smallest location is that Google recognizes as a neighborhood. In urban areas, this is usually a zip code, but sometimes it's a town or suburb. Regardless, Google shows you a map. You...
  16. Hosting, domain, SEO.

    That might be the best move for you if you're not prepared to either learn WordPress or hire someone to do it. You should come back here and tell us how much Bluehost would want to charge you to build that website if you decide to go that route.
  17. Hosting, domain, SEO.

    WordPress can be like Weebly too. As long as you use the right theme and Visual Builder. It's only a little confusing to get set up. But once it is and you know how to build pages using the visual builder (what Weebly uses), then it's pretty easy.
  18. Hosting, domain, SEO.

    Bluehost is very reputable. They are a good option. My favorite is HostGator. They've always been super helpful. Your hosting packages look good. The domain looks a little expensive. I'd recommend getting your domain from hover.com. They're a no bs domain registrar and provide the additional...
  19. Website

    Depends on what you want your website to do. If you want it to rank and perform, then hire it out. If you want it to rank and perform and to do it yourself, you're going to have to spend a lot of time learning about SEO and web design. You can start here...
  20. Website revamp and critique

    Do you want visual help or some SEO tips? I can do both. But your website "looks" pretty good. Nice job.