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Search results

  1. plant install

    yes, I am. I'm also not giving any warranties, i never do lol too many variables man, I straight up tell them before any work is done and they don't seem to have a problem with it.
  2. Sod pricing

    That's crazy, even with my numbers people are still underbidding me, 10 pallets of sod under$1.00 with topsoil. people out here man.
  3. Sod pricing

    seems about right
  4. Pricing palm tree pruning

    Dawson is right. if palms aren't too common in your area then you can easily get away with $60. My brother and I made a killing with palm pruning since we live by the beach. Just make sure you take safety precautions when pruning. Id recommends getting a Fiskars pole saw, and a regular saw. they...
  5. plant install

    Hi, guys just wanting to see what everyone is charging for plants. I currently have a couple of customers who want about 20 plants installed each. they range from 1 gallon to 15 gallons and a couple of 20-gallon plants. The first install is easy to access, they are 28 plants most 3 gallons, and...
  6. Sod pricing

    Woah $5 includes materials, and labor?
  7. Sod pricing

    light prep work. If there is topsoil I try to add .30 a sq ft. Im not too sure about breaking ground though, I usually price that hourly. I wouldn’t know how to charge that per square ft. So I would do $1.46 without removing existing sod included. Would that sounds about right?
  8. Sod pricing

    Hey guys, I’m getting a Lot of sod estimates this month. So far I’ve been pricing about $1.16 per sq ft. I’m in southern Nc, where a regular 20 minute lawn goes for $45, a yard of mulch $90 with mulch, and employees are getting about $120 a day. I say it’s an okay market, I still get work even...
  9. How many of you guys are getting work subcontracted?

    Thanks, hopefully everything works well and I can!
  10. How many of you guys are getting work subcontracted?

    yes in the same storage complex, and two are in the same subdivision as me since I live in the entrance I see almost everyone come in and out. Yeah I have a website, and a Facebook, and Instagram. Funny thing is my brother posted o marketplace that he does landscaping (as himself not as a...
  11. How many of you guys are getting work subcontracted?

    I’m in southeastern Nc. I started business about two years ago with my brother. Not long ago I started noticing small companies that have so much work year round but don’t ever advertise, on any platform. The thing is I don’t know how exactly these guys get their work. They seem to have work...
  12. Need help with Dirt Berm estimate

    base is 10 ft wide and 4 ft tall. its about 25 feet away from the house
  13. Need help with Dirt Berm estimate

    Yes, I know it's going to be pretty tough. I'm thinking of charging $4k, Three people and a bobcat for two days.
  14. Need help with Dirt Berm estimate

    Not really, no it can be dumped about 20 feet from where I was standing. N o-fence
  15. Need help with Dirt Berm estimate

    It came out to 75 yards of dirt, replanting ten trees, 24 rose bushes and 15 creeping junipers. with a skid obviously. is that too cheap? expensive?
  16. Need help with Dirt Berm estimate

    It's my first Berm. I know how to use a skid steer but don't know how to properly price this Berm. not including materials. The problem with me is the ditch, I'm not sure how its might hold up next to the ditch.
  17. Need help with Dirt Berm estimate

    Hey, Toro thanks for the help man. You're right this is exactly what they want to do. I tried getting them to plant some Cypress trees there but they insisted on the berm. I estimated this job based solely on man-hours It came out to roughly $4k with hydroseeding. This doesn't include any...
  18. Need help with Dirt Berm estimate

    Yeah, Do you think it's best if I contract an excavator guy? I mow a lawn for a man who builds bridges but he's way too busy to help. ugh, I think you might be right. will most likely have to pass. here's another shot. also, I'm not sure why they want it 4 ft high. they're pretty weird ppl
  19. Need help with Dirt Berm estimate

    t thanks mark, you're right here's a pic. it's at the entrance of a new neighborhood. and right beside a busy road.