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Search results

  1. little wonder 8 hp big enough????

    i do mostly res mowing etc....i have 2 churches that i maintain. both hv smaller parking lots....prob 50x100 ft long....are the 8 hp lil wonder walk behind blowers sufficient? I have maintained these for 10 years w just a backpack blower, and that does fine....however i have ran across a pretty...
  2. septic system replaced-what seed to use

  3. replacement kohler w/o oil cooler

    I have found a really good deal on a new kohler cv-730s as an extra replacement engine. currently I have all 25hp kohlers. The only drawback if any, this engine has no oil cooler. I know for fact that this engine came off a new but damaged scotts mower. It runs as a new should. Any real big...
  4. ztr hydraulic pump rebuild???

    I dont have any that are bad, but it has been pondered if the drive pumps can be rebuilt? Are there kits for this? Sure, its easier just to swap, just curious if anyone has rebuilt one with any luck?
  5. new cv25s hard to spin over

    I recently replaced my bobcat zt200 engine. It is a cv25s spec 69538. the engine is new, however when you attempt to spin it over, it wants to spin 1 round then lock. Spin another round then lock. It sounds like it has so much compression its hard to spin over. Problem gets worse as the engine...
  6. bobcat ztr's w/ generac engines

    has anyone seen these yet. I have several w/ kohler engines but wondering about how these hold up. These were 60" cut w/ 33hp generac guardian engines.
  7. briggs part number??

    i have an 11hp briggs single cyl. model-256412 type-0153 serial-970206yd trying to find a part number for an electric starter to fit this engine. Will a starter from an 8,10,or 12hp work? Its going on a generator I recently bought but it only has pull start. ive already put on a...
  8. septic system replaced-what seed to use

    last week my septic system was replaced. My entire backyard has NO grass. I have gotten it ready to reseed. What seed would you recommend to help control the mud over the winter? Annual rye- is this the same as winter rye? Currently the temps are in the 40's and high 20's to low 30's at night.
  9. septic tank replaced- what grass seed to use?

    I just finished replacing my entire septic system. Needless to say there is NO grass left in my back yard. I am preping my yard now. Anything I can put out now to help through the winter months calming the mud. Not looking for anything fancy just grass for the backyard. Would ryegrass be my...
  10. walkbehind blowers...what to look for

    recently I picked up a couple of comm. accounts. They have large open parking lots. Since its only myself, blowing seems to take a little long. Was thinking of a wb blower but dont really know what to look for... engine size etc. These are Saturday jobs, so the lots are wide open b/c the...
  11. what makes a good mailbox flyer

    just starting out. I have a couple of yards I take care of and a church. I have had these yards for awhile but looking to expand. Just need some guidance on what would make a good flyer. 2 bobcat zt200 stihl br400 stihl hs45 echo pb300e echo srm-210 aerators+spreaders