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Search results

  1. Tempo for grubs

    Tempo for grubs..lol I was waiting for the punchline.
  2. Locked In An Advertising Contract???

    Thanks. It was pretty basic. I don't even think I got a copy. I expected 2-3 calls a week if it was being mass mailed as I believed. Like I said...I got zero and they were sheety to boot.
  3. Locked In An Advertising Contract???

    Anybody have any thoughts on getting rid of them??? Thanks
  4. Locked In An Advertising Contract???

    Greetings All....Like a dumbarse, I signed a deal with a local magazine/ad rag. Its one of those that put in a few articles about local happenings and sells a bunch of ads to go in it. I would get their publication in my mail box at home. Thats how I found them. They also leave their rags at...
  5. Fert on a lawn with pond in back yard

    I never treat within 10 ft of a slope that goes into water. I lost a customer once who insisted that I do so.
  6. C-lawn

    Wow...you have been in this business quite awhile, huh?
  7. Shrub Apps

    The only real fungal problem I have here with turf in SE Texas is brown patch. I alternate between Heritage and Prostar for that. Take All Patch is becoming more common. I came up with what works on that and 2 years later MegaLawn is doing the same thing. I came up with my own process for...
  8. Shrub Apps

    Thanks for the reply. I am better with turf (I better be, huh?) than horticulture. I appreciate the advice and will be grateful if anyone else wants to school me further. Thanks
  9. Shrub Apps

    I like to alternate my shrub app chems throughout the year. I see acephate is gonna be hard to find....especially in those 1/3 lb packets. I hear there will be/have been label changes? I'll use bifenthrin, cyfluthrin and acephate at times. I'll also use banner, bayleton and eagle...
  10. Weed & feed makes weeds grow?

    I have been doing this 20 years and learn something new often. I just have to laugh when illegal ops come in and want it all...now. No one is making you look foolish, Lawn Shark, but YOU.
  11. Moss in Expansion Joints Of Driveways?

    Can someone tell me how to get rid of it without staining/bleaching out the pavement? Thanks
  12. got our 1st nutcase today

    If I had that call, I would sympathize with them, insist they go to their vet......and get the Dr to put in writing that "lawn chems" caused this. It won't happen.
  13. Working for large company

    I have been hearing $8-$12 at MegaLawn. Less than I made 15 yrs ago there! My buddy called me today and was telling me that he came out into their warehouse on a recent AM to leave and there were TWO...not one...but TWO trucks overflowing. LOL
  14. Blackburn Signs

    Jenny is my girl over there. She makes it easy, huh?
  15. Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend

    Well sometimes you just have to cut the chord. Kinda like an employee that just doesn't give a crap anymore. Ran into my local Lesco for a few bags of 46-0-0. I almost had a Fred Sanford heart attack when he said "$29.44 a bag." $29.44???? I pull out my phone call BWI (a farther drive)...
  16. Mailed out 1000 postcards no calls

    People will hold on to your stuff til they are ready as well. I hope that happens alot for y'all.
  17. TGCL Rant

    I was one of those techs as well. I remember a few times thinking..."I am gonna be on the front page tomorrow. STOOPID LAWN GUY HIT BY LIGHTNING" I had some ditzy lady have me out the other day. She never said who she used...just that they are unhappy. I quote $42, she says we pay $29 now...
  18. Sprayer Strainer Cracked

    Try westheffer.com next time you need one. They do crack over time. Or the threads will screw up. Keep a spare.
  19. Lawn caution signs

    I use Blackburn, too. They'll make whatever you need.
  20. Miloganite...anyone used it before

    Milorganite serves its purpose.