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Search results

  1. John Deere GS30 / 36" deck for sale

    For sale is a John Deere GS30, 36" deck, belt drive commercial lawn mower. It has the 13 HP Kohler engine which runs great! Guy I bought it from thought it was a 1999. I have no way of knowing that for sure. Looks newer to me. There is no hour meter on it, but it's condition shows it's...
  2. John Deere GS30 / 36" mower for sale (FL)

    For sale is a John Deere GS30, 36" deck, belt drive commercial lawn mower. It has the 13 HP Kohler engine which runs great! Guy I bought it from thought it was a 1999. I have no way of knowing that for sure. Looks newer to me. There is no hour meter on it, but it's condition shows...
  3. ECHO HC 150 Hedge Clippers (FL)

    ECHO HC 150 20" Double Sided Hedge Clippers Only used twice!!! Paid $269. Sell for $199! Local sale only. Shipping costs wouldn't make it a great deal for the buyer.
  4. 5x9 Landscape/Utility Trailer (Florida)

    Landscape Utility Trailer 5 x 9 w/ Trimmer Rack & Aluminum Tool Box 3 space trimmer rack is virtually new (3 months old) and comes with 3 locks & keys. Aluminum Tool box is bolted on to the trailer and great to carry smaller items you want to keep locked up. The original locks/handles...
  5. John Deere GS30 W/B mower & 5 x 9 trailer (Florida)

    JD GS30 36" belt drive Commercial mower for sale. 13 HP Kohler engine Was told it was a 1999 when I bought it, but not positive. No hour meter on it. I bought in July and only used part-time since then. This thing is as clean as you'll find. I recently had it totally worked over at...
  6. Out of business, but thank you Lawnsite

    Just wanted to say thanks to Lawnsite and all it's members. I learned alot from this website and it really helped me run a successful business. I'm finally taking the plunge and moving to Europe to start a new business venture over there (not green industry). I'll be in an rapidly...
  7. You think our gas prices are bad............

    take a look at this list! http://money.cnn.com/pf/features/lists/global_gasprices/ Prices in US Dollar per Gallon Netherlands Amsterdam $6.48 Norway Oslo $6.27 Italy Milan $5.96 Denmark Copenhagen $5.93 Belgium Brussels $5.91 Sweden Stockholm $5.80 United Kingdom London...
  8. National Coalition for Pesticide-Free Lawns

    Thought some of you who didn't already know about this might find it of interest. They are also currently targeting Home Depot. Read on for more info. http://www.beyondpesticides.org/pesticidefreelawns/
  9. Florida LCO's Insurance Advice

    I'm getting close to having to renew my commercial liability insurance for another year and need some opinions. I currently have insurance thru an independent agent here in town that uses NAUTILUS/TAPCO UNDERWRITERS. They gave me the best rate I could find when I originally got insurance...
  10. Wanted: 2 wheel sulky

    I'm looking for a used 2 wheel sulky. If you have something you're getting rid of, let me know.
  11. My new (used) JD GS30!

    So I picked this up for $800 from a doctor who had his "staff" use it to mow his property. I took it over to my JD dealer and had them work it over, they greased and adjusted everything and slapped on a new carb. Runs great and is in really nice condition. It has the 13hp Kohler engine. I...
  12. Do you cut your neighbors lawns?

    How many of you mow for your neighbors (on the same street or subdivision?) I mean for profit, just like any other customer. Good or bad idea? I'm thinking it's a horrible idea.
  13. WANTED: 48"or 36" belt drive (Florida)

    Wanted 36 or 48 belt drive W/B. Good motor and overall condition. Anywhere in Florida (almost) is O.K. Call me if you have something. 772-532-9872
  14. What do you think this is worth?

    Take a look. Via email, the seller says it has less than 50 hours, garage kept and in excellent shape. I am able to go check it out in person before the auction ends. Any idea what this is worth? I have a hard time judging used equipment, so wonder if it's worth my time to go up there...
  15. How do you FL guys charge in winter?

    Just wondering since it goes to a bi-weekly cut between about Nov. and March, do you charge more per cut or just charge 2 cuts per month at the regular price and make up the difference doing something else over the winter? Or does anyone bill a monthly charge that stays constant year round...
  16. Cub Cadet commercial H1748 for.....

    Is this a decent deal? Brand New Cub Cadet Commercial HF1748 W/B Dual Hydro Kawasaki V-Twin OHV 17 HP Electric Start 48" fixed deck 6mph 2 year warranty I can get this for $3500. Decent deal?
  17. Gravely 34z on a Florida swale?

    I hear nothing but good things about the Gravely 34z from Southern LCO's, except for it's slope slipping issues. Can it handle the typical residential Florida swale, like this? Or would a 44z be better?
  18. What a lousy day shopping for a mower

    I set out to check out 4 local dealers to check out some W/B mowers. 1st stop Hustler dealer. Went in, looked around and only saw ztr riding mowers. Guy behind the counter said "oh, I don't work here and walked away." I kinda walked around some more and didn't see anyone around. So after...
  19. Quietest Engine?

    Did a search but didn't find what I was looking for. Has anyone compared engine noise by brand and/or HP? Was wondering if all else being equal what brand ran the quietest.
  20. Adding first mower to existing biz advice

    A little background: I have a small landscape design / installation biz. It's small time, just a solo biz with occasional part time help as needed. Not making a fortune by any means, but I do ok for what I need. I have never cut lawns. Outside of design and install, I also maintain...