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  1. Big walk behind through small gates!

    For example,does anyone have a 48 or 52 they get through a 32 or 36 in. gate.If you do how difficult is it? I am going to buy a wlk-behind and I am trying to determine what to get. THANKS BRYAN!
  2. Answering service

    I had remembered a while back you all had talked about answering services.Did anyone do it and how well does it work.
  3. Anyone go from a grasshopper to a dixie chopper

    I was wondering if anyone had went from a grasshopper to a dixie chopper and if so how do you like it.Any opinions on dixie choppers would be appreciated. THANKS BRYAN!
  4. Question about grasshopper?

    Have any of you guys tried double blades on a grasshopper,and if so what set up did you use.I have also been considering on buying a bagger but I do not know if I want to part with the 1500 for it.What is youre opinion on the bagger.
  5. Trimmer Trap

    Are theire any other web sites that have these kinds of products?
  6. mulch pricing

    what do you guys charge per square foot to install mulch .
  7. Does anyone resale landscape supplies?

    I was wondering if anyone buys mulch,dirt or plants wholesale and resales them.I have a good location with a high traffic.Where and how did you find a supplier?
  8. S.W. MO. trade shows

    Any one know of any trade shows in s.w. MO.

    I was just wondering if anyone was a dealer and if so how I could get info on becoming one!THANKS FOR ANY INFO
  10. Prothatcher from Echo

    Has anybody used the prothatcher that echo offers for an attachment,if so how well does it work
  11. When do you guys start handing out flyers?

    I was wondering what month you guys started handing out flyers.
  12. Does anyone have a DC TURB N SUBURBAN?

    With the two engines can you brush hog with it? If so about how tall and thick of brush are we talking.How well do they cut lawns. THANKS BRYAN
  13. spray it or spread it?

    I was thinking of buying a sprayer for weed control this year,I was wondering what kind of sprayers you guys reccomend,where I can find them and the chemicals you use for weeds and how well they worked.
  14. anyone use landdesigner 3d by sierra

    Any opinions on the program would be appreciated.Thanks Bryan
  15. Contracts

    I took on 2 apartment complexes this year,should I get contracts on them or not,may be to late.
  16. Rainbird sprinkler design

    I had never drawn up a sprinkler system before, so I did it through the rainbird design book.They sent me back a diagram and parts list.They also broke it down by valves.Does anyone do this and if so how accurate are they.
  17. handy trailers

    anyone have any pictures of theire mowing trailers they can e-mail me,wanting ideas for mine THANKS BRYAN
  18. handy trailers

    does anyone have any pictures they can e-mail me of theire trailers,wanting some ideas for mine.THANKS BRYAN
  19. echo string trimmer vs. edger

    I was wandering what is preferred trimmer or edger.I have been thinking about buying an edger this year for sidewlks driveways and curbs.Is it more trouble than it is worth
  20. weed control

    Hi guys, I was just wondering what youre opinion was on weed control,what is the best and most profitable way to do it.Most of my lawns are fescue and zoysia.