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  1. 73 c 50 brakes ?

    Ok I know if yousmack the middle of it the axle pops back out. How do I get it to go in?
  2. 73 c 50 brakes ?

    Ok I got it all together execpt the bottom spring. The brake spring plyers keep sliping off. Is it possible to clamp something to the brake shoe so I can get a grip or will this damage mybrand new lining? By the way Allen your walk through was a life saver. I never would have figured out to...
  3. 73 c 50 brakes ?

    I have a 73 c-50. yesterday my brakes caught fire. I can't get anyone to work on it, within the next week. So I have to fix them myself. I have done brakes on cars and small trucks before, but I have never seen anything like the brake drum I am looking at now. Does the whole drum slide over...