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  1. Question: Do edgers save time and should I be using one?

    Definitely get an edger, I use the stihl fc91 and love it. It's faster and less tiring if you have a lot of edging. Plus it looks better.
  2. Mini Exmark got a makeover

    What was wrong with the ribbed tires? Kind of like them more.
  3. Work clothes wash frequency

    6 pairs of everything for working, wash on the 5th set incase I forget then I have that back up pair. Can't wear anything more than once, I sweat way too much.
  4. Misc. Gear or Equipment

    I have the $65 Bauer 20v Hypermax™ Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/4 In. Hex Compact Impact Driver Kit With 1.5 Ah Battery, Rapid Charger, And Bag from Harbor Freight. It has built a 500 sq ft deck, chicken coop, pig pen, all the mower needs, and tons of work on our 25 acre homestead. For the price I...
  5. 2021 Toro Grandstand Blades

    They don't carry exmark just Toro and Bad Boy. There is an exmark down the road, not sure why they are separated being they are owned by the same company... They do know about the exmark sized blade being a quarter of an inch shorter than the toro blades and being interchangeable so I would say...
  6. 2021 Toro Grandstand Blades

    I have having an issue finding blades for my new grandstand. They take a 16.5 inch blade with a 15/16 center hole. Apparently nobody has these yet, really wanted gator blades. My dealer said they haven't even brought any in since they moved up from the 5/8 center hole. They said to try exmark...
  7. Misc. Gear or Equipment

    I don't think the free would be the route I go, those style never stay in my ears and I would be sure to lose one, but the pro 2.0 looks good. I looked up that mask and it seems to filter well but wonder if it would be too hot in the South Georgia summer. You said you use it in Florida so it...
  8. Misc. Gear or Equipment

    Besides mowers, trimmers, trailers, etc. What piece of equipment are you glad you have purchased? Big or small. Things you may not have thought of at first or could help someone else. For me it would be my 3M Worktunes, the music helps make the day go even faster. Might have to switch to the...
  9. How do you charge for "every other week" cuts?

    Careful with this as they may not want to switch and you will have a very messy schedule. Weekly/Biweekly or nothing. We do 1.5x the weekly cost as most of our customers don't do weekly. The grass just doesn't grow as fast enough here and it isn't as thick as up north so a little overgrown isn't...
  10. Neighboring houses and running solo

    Never really, just didn't want to make people wait while I was over at the neighbor's house. Typically they aren't even home during that time anyways. These are 2 quick properties and they would be easy to do together that is what made me think of this. Just wanted the opinions of others to make...
  11. Neighboring houses and running solo

    I was doing my neighboring houses today and got to thinking if I was doing it the most efficient way or the proper way. I typically treat them like individual lawns so I complete one then the other. This seems like it is more "professional" but not as efficient as if I mow them both, then trim...
  12. Grandstand OCDC

    I just seen a YouTube video about them with a discount code, so may have to check into them more. Seems like a very universal fit product though, no options based on brand.
  13. Grandstand OCDC

    I'd like something with a foot control or toggle near my controls. The advance chute system has that long handle that just looks out of place and I feel I will snag on some of the branches we have. I'll look at it further to see if it has more pros than cons though. Thank you.
  14. Grandstand OCDC

    I just purchased a 2021 Toro Grandstand 48" and am looking for a OCDC. The grass flap is cheapest(I think?) but their website lists an external and internal fuel tank option and I am not sure which mine is, I'm assuming internal... I did email them 2 weeks ago but they never answered which isn't...
  15. Weed eater head

    Some people fear change, scaredy cats... life is better on this side of the fence. haha
  16. Weed eater head

    7:20 into video Shaun shows the proper way to twist the line, it doesn't wrap around your arm. Not sure how everyone else does it but I never have it tangle up. I bought the SF because of this video and thought it was dummy proof but....
  17. Weed eater head

    We have a lot of chainlink, brush, and clean up yards. Grass and weeds would definitely not use up much string but these properties have a higher margin to them. I am not babying my line to save the extra string, like mentioned time is more valuable than the string is. I also do not see 10...
  18. Boots...

    Been wearing Red Wings for years, but finally bought a pair of Ariats and really like them. Not sure which of the two the next pair will be.
  19. Spring 2021

    No, I'd actually say we had about 2 extra weeks of cold this year. We are coastal and right near FL so it just barely stops growing but the weeds grow year round haha.