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  1. How do I stop my mowers from moving around while driving?

    The only time I noticed the mower moved in the trailer from job to job. Is when the trailer needs blown out. Or I was on a ruff road bouncing the equipment
  2. Lawn Repair

    Loosen the soil. Lighty rake in the seed & start fertilizer .water. But first investigate what killed the grass. I would check for grubs
  3. I need advice

    I do not think you will be able to match the benefits . plus 85k . In 8 month season. Mowing grass. Snow plowing does help. If you get the snow to plow. I'm in Ohio. 2019 I did not even put the plow on the truck. 2020 . I plowed snow 3x . I believe most guys mowing has a 2nd job. mowing...
  4. Cutting Frequency (days)

    Apparently some people do not realize how much rain we get. Or that they are your only customers
  5. Ohio- Tall Fescue Over Seed with KBG

    I'm a hours drive south of Cleveland. I tried lots of different blends of seed over the years. I went to site one. Came out with a bag of great lakes turf. 4 years now. I buy the same mix. I have gotten compliments. Seems to match up with most properties blending in.
  6. Cutting Frequency (days)

    Once I get up to the 4 inch cut. I keep it there. When the leafs start to come October I go to 3.75 Then down to 3.5 in November . Depending on weather.
  7. Cutting Frequency (days)

    Weeks like this one . Is why I keep my stops under 30 & all properties under a hour to service. I do not want to be that guy stressing. That it has rained the last 3 days none stop & 40 pissed off customers . For a solo operator I learned the hard way.
  8. Cutting Frequency (days)

    Massillon Ohio. I start the season with the winter cut at 3.5 I only do weekly cuts. This is the 5th cutting for the season. The 3rd cut . I bumped up to 3.75 as it started growing spring like. That week we got more snow. & cold temperatures that the grass was little to no growth for the 4th...
  9. Trimmer string

    What trimmer do you use ? Using .080 string. & is the cutter / guard on your trimmers ? To me it does make sense to use smaller string. If running without the cutter.
  10. Help please

    I would not be interested. As a solo operator. I like to keep all my stops under 1 hour. If I'm spending 10 hours at one place . That could be 10 other properties . That could be more profitable. With advertising, snow plowing, spring cleaning up and mulching. Ect , even if I had a day...
  11. What gas trimmer to get?

    The stihl 56 is a good trimmer.
  12. Trimmer string

    That's the one. I'm good for the year. Just changed to new roll last week. That's doing 20ish properties a week. Most of them 20 I do the edging and mulching. So I keep the edges sharp looking. This property get mowing on Thursday. The mulch was put down the Monday before the mow that week. I...
  13. Trimmer string

    Only time I seem to use more string. Is when it is lower temperature
  14. Trimmer string

    If trimming edges . It needs to have a edge to trim. I get echo spool from HD . I'm getting a little over 20 properties on one fill up. That's doing flower beds with sidewalk and driveway. Top of the line service. I use the fs56 . it's my favorite trimmer. Once the edge is there. All you...
  15. Dealer recommends toro over scag

    I find the handheld to be easier to blow under truck , trailer, cars. You can just set it down on the ground. Pick it up and move on. I do have the 800 with me. But it is quicker to grab the hh . I have the bg86 with the leaf gutter kit. I still use it without the gutter kit
  16. Small mower suggestions

    I suggest going to the dealer and see what available. I have only owned Exmark & Scag . Happy with both. I have never seen any say they hated their mower.
  17. Miles vs Gas Costs
  18. Miles vs Gas Costs

    To my understanding. You claim milage or get a depreciation credit. On said vehicle. That we can only claim off road fuel. That with miles you get something like 52 cents a mile. Come year end adding up the miles pays more than the depreciation credit
  19. Dealer recommends toro over scag

    With the shoot blocker on the mower. There is not much to blow off. With using the Br800 I will go through 2 gallon .with the bg86 I use 1 gallon . A week. For shits and giggles give it a try. There is a noticeable difference on fuel. And the body. Come the end of day. When you compare the...
  20. Scag V ride 2 or Tiger Cat 2. Both 26 hp kawi EFI

    I went with a standard for trailer space. 52 VR2 I'm very happy for my first ride on mower. Cutting my time in half of walking