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  1. National Pollinator Week

    In my case, I cleared out the existing plants by hand, broadcast the wildflower seeds and raked them in during the fall and spring. I also did a lot of research on which plants to buy for my situation as some areas are full sun and others are full shade. I enjoyed all the work I put into it and...
  2. Sustainable Land Care Webinar.

    Here's a link to an upcoming webinar on battery operated equipment and sustainable land care.
  3. Help With All Electric Lawn Care Business Name

    Here's a link to an upcoming webinar on battery operated equipment and sustainable land care.
  4. National Pollinator Week

    Awesome!! I generally spread seed in the fall.
  5. National Pollinator Week

    OK, first don't remove the milkweed as Monarch Butterflies depend upon them for their survival...
  6. National Pollinator Week

    Where are you located?
  7. How to manage clippings?

    Of course not.
  8. Help With All Electric Lawn Care Business Name

    This is a good conversation with many valid and some false claims. I know I'm not qualified to provide "facts" regarding the difference in environmental impacts between fossil fuels and battery operated equipment. Either way, our country does not seem to be prepared to take the lead in this...
  9. How to manage clippings?

    Kudos to you clients with compost piles! :clapping:
  10. Registered products

    I know a supplier who has doubled his business by providing cannabis growers with organic pesticides and soil amendments. As far as what's labelled in California, that's a whole different ballgame.
  11. Michigan Crab-sedge

    Same in NJ.
  12. National Pollinator Week

    This is the first summer for my new pollinator gardens. Quite a few bees, still waiting for the humming birds to find it. Even at this stage, they add a lot of interest to my landscape.
  13. National Pollinator Week

    Gotta love those busy bees. Unfortunately bee declines increase every year. My bee keeper friends say 2020 was even worse.
  14. Door To Door Salesman?

    Permit/License/Registration; whatever they want to call it. And pay a nominal fee. :)
  15. Door To Door Salesman?

    Most towns require a license for door to door sales.
  16. Aeravator pricing.

    Hi Bob, Contact my friend Mike Kolenut who does a lot of athletic fields.
  17. Tree looks bad from lawn chemical?

    It's most likely EAB.
  18. Difference between slow release

    Not to throw a wrench into the discussion, but adding organic matter is the best slow release "product" you can use.