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    This is a work truck! Truck has it's flAws. It's not perfect. Needs new brake lines!! Check engine light on due to rear fuel vent solenoid. I plate it as a TRUCK so has not been a concern as this issue is a nuisance with these trucks and needs replaced every two years. 2005 Chevy Avalanche 2500...
  2. Marketplace
    '04 GMC 2500 Plow truck Very clean, very little rust. Only 76k miles!! Myers poly plow
  3. Mechanic and Repair
    I'm looking at grabbing a set of timbrens for my 07 silverado 2500hd new body style. I found a dump insert I like but it weighs roughly 1100lbs. I installed them on the front of my s10 for plowing and love them. I'm stuck . One set for the 1500-2500 increases payload to 6000lbs the other for...
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    2004 GMC 2500HD Extended cab, 4x4, Duramax Diesel 8' Fisher Plow with wing extensions creates a 9' 6" plow. And it has no problem pushing a lot of snow 164,500 miles This has been a great work truck - there are plenty of scratches and small dings but that just means it's been broken in. There is...
  5. Marketplace Check it out on ebay for more info
  6. Heavy Equipment & Tractors
    New to the site... I currently have an opportunity to purchase either an old Bobcat 610 or an old gehl 2500. Both machines work mechanically very well, but asthetically obviously are 30+ years old. The Bobcat looks in alot better shape, but has an exhaust manifold leak. Much better tires and...
  7. Marketplace
    Looking for a decent second truck. 3/4 ton or full ton, interested in plow trucks, show me what you have. Like to keep it $7000 and under. Thanks!
1-7 of 7 Results