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  1. Mechanic and Repair
    i am having problems with my hydraulics on my gravely 260z. I changed the hydraulic oil by draining everything and bleeding it out. I then installed a new filter and put it on 3/4. Filled the resoivoir tank until the oil came flowing out a little on the filter. Tightened it and continued to...
  2. General Industry Discussions
    I have a garage kept and well maintained 2002 Gravely 260Z (25 hp; 60" deck) with 208 hours on the motor and a ROPS with warning lights. Does anyone know what its value or what I should sell it for? I'm off the farm and into a smaller home and don't need it. Thanks!
  3. General Industry Discussions
    Hey all, Im looking at purchasing a 2005 Gravely thats at an upcoming auction. Unfortunately I dont know much about Gravely's, Thats where your support comes in. What do i need to know?, what should i be looking for?, Is there common problems?, price range?, all your advice is help full Thanks...
1-3 of 3 Results