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  1. Marketplace
    Good evening all, Please excuse the information brief, however I wanted to get a quick blirp out there to those who may be interested. A more detailed listing will follow. After much consideration, I have decided to part with my small mowing/landscaping/plowing business. I work full time...
  2. Business Operations
    The opportunity has come up to purchase accounts from a business that is scaling back, or maybe even going out of business. I've been in business 6 months, and I've never purchased accounts, so I'm very new at this. The other company said that it's normal to pay 2.5 months of gross revenue for...
  3. Network: South
    10 year old lawn service in West Georgia (Douglas County area) is up for sale. 30+ accounts generating 4K per month, trailer full of equipment. Excellent add on for existing company or great opportunity for a part timer to get into the industry with established customers. Injury forces early...
  4. Network: South
    Please let me know where i can find a lawn bussin es for sale. Im in south fl. Thank you also accounts for sale
  5. Marketplace
    I am a rising college senior and will be out of the lawn care industry come this August so all is for sale. I have a 2012 Exmark 60" Lazer E series mower, a 7' x 12' landscaping trailer with gate, and 14 clients for sale. 13 of the 14 clients are within 10 miles of one another with 5 being in...
  6. Employment
    I'm looking to subcontract my accounts out while I am at away at school. Looking for someone that will be able to keep up with the accounts and someone that will do a good job. There would be about 15 yards a week to take care of weekly or biweekly (depending on the weather.) Please PM me if...
  7. Marketplace
    We're looking to buy a small established lawn biz in Naples, FL area. Willing to buy equipment and accounts or one or the other. Looking for a biz with monthly income of $5,000 or better - can be commercial or residential or both. If you have something available, send us a private e-mail!
1-7 of 8 Results