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  1. Turf Renovation
    Is it worth renting an aerator to aerate 2-4 properties? How much do you all charge per 1000 to aerate and seed?
  2. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    I am in need of a reputable service to aerate and overseed a babseball complex in Northern Caiflornia, Sacramento area. Any referrals are appreciated.
  3. Turf Renovation
    Need advice on fixing this lawn. I did a soil test... ph is fine. Phosphorus very deficient, everything else is fine. My plan is to aggressively aerate the lawn followed by heavy overseeding. Then I am going to apply a thing layer of compost followed by more seed. Anything else I should do?
  4. Marketplace
    2017 aeravator for Grasshopper 60" only used 18 hours total. Electric lift, included Ballast weights included Stand included Not a thing wrong with it. Love it and should have bought one 25 years ago. Sold power unit and getting a Ventrac. Bought brand new in October 2017. Asking $4800 Can meet...
  5. Marketplace
    This Z-Plug has 180 hours. I just do not use it very much. I am the original owner. Asking $5200.00 It can aerate as fast as you can drive it. It can make you $$$.
  6. Fertilizer Application
    Thank you for the add, this will be my first post. I live in Northern California, in Shasta County were summers tend to be pretty hot. I have a cool season grass. My first job is to take care of a lawn with that has about 1/3 crabgrass. The lawn is also struggling with some dead grass and...
  7. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    Moved into a new home last year in PA (Zone 7) and the yard gets sun all day long. The current grass is not full sun tolerant as it was starting to brown in June when the neighbors lawns were still green. I will eventually do a full renovation or sod in the next year or two but for now I plan...
  8. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    New guy here! I'm in need of some advice on planning out my fall lawn care system. This could be a long post but I appreciate anyone who sticks around. I moved into my home almost 2 years ago and my front yard seems to have been neglected for some time. I'm located in SW Virginia and mainly...
  9. Turf Renovation
    Hi folks, Last year was my first year, had some good success, can't wait to build on it this year. I bought an aerator last year, and it arrived around March 10th. I was behind the other companies in the area, but it worked out fine. My question is, how do you calculate when its ok to aerate...
  10. Bidding, Estimating and Pricing
    What would a good price be for aerating yards that are 2-5k square feet.
  11. Landscape Maintenance
    We are maintaining a football field for a church school. The football field is used as a multipurpose field and there are kids playing there all day Mon-Fri. As a result of this high traffic, the grass is not doing so good. There are no bald spots, however the bermuda grass is not growing and...
  12. Landscape Maintenance
    I aerated, fertilized and seeded in September, using slow-release fertilizer. Would it be too much if I put down more fertilizer in November? My grass is Tall Fescue and I live in NC. Thanks in advance.
  13. Landscape Maintenance
    So, I aerated my yard then added fertilizer followed by Tall Fescue Seed. I bought some Compost & Manure. Should I add a layer on top of the seed or is this not necessary? If not, when would be a good time to add the compost? I read that compost should be added before fertilizer and seed...
  14. Marketplace
    Blue Bird aerator for sale - $500.00 Works good pick up only - no shipping address to shop - Gro Lawn 9729 S Freeway Fort Worth TX 76140 Call Aaron - 817-897-1925
  15. Turf Renovation
    Hey all, I am newer to repair work and I'm looking for some recommendations on how to repair a customer's property. I typically just rent a core aerator and overseed, but this lot seems to be in rough shape. They cleared 2 acres of land last year and hydro seeded, right before the terrible...
  16. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    hi, new member here who is very green to lawn maintenance. I have no idea when I should start doing any of the above. I've read on here fall and spring. Also which is best to use, a power broom or a bluebird dethatcher? I really appreciate any input at all. Thanks
  17. Business Operations
    just starting up in Northern Alberta, up in Canada. Grande Prairie Area. Threw together a price list, What would you maybe change? Keep in mind these are Canadian $$ in a city of 60,000 with not a lot of competition.
  18. Lawn Mowing
    Check out some tips from John Davis at our Hainesville location.
  19. Landscape Maintenance
    Watch our video and learn more about core aeration!
  20. Lawn Mowing
    I hate the "how much do I charge?" threads just as much as anywhere else, but now i need some help and am asking the same question lol. I have a couple custmers that have been asking about aeration. My question is, what is the going rate for aeration? I would have to rent a tow behind aerator...
1-20 of 26 Results