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  1. Marketplace
    Looking to purchase an Exmark or Toro stand on aerator. I am located in the Detroit MI area. If anyone out there has one that they are looking to sell please send me a message with the details. Thanks Logan
  2. Turf Renovation
    I have the opportunity to purchase 3 different aerators (all SourceOne plugr’s). The first is the PL845VS and it’s $1,000, but it was an old rental. Looks to be in ok shape but it’s a 22 hour drive round trip to pick it up. The next is a 6 hour RT drive for a PL835SS. It looks like it’s in great...
  3. Marketplace
    looking to purchase a used Plugr PL 845. Please contact me if you have any type of reciprocating aerator for sale
  4. Marketplace
    Well maintained core aerator. 6 HP Briggs engine. 26.5" aeration with, 9 holes per sq ft. Perfect condition. Asking $1,200. Located in Rochester, NY.
  5. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    Happy Holidays from Turfco MFG, Just wanted to drop a quick line and let you know that there's 2 days left on our end of year pricing offer. This is the best pricing available on 2018 T3100 Riding Applicators, XT8 Riding Aerators, XT5 walking Aerators, and more. We also have available...
  6. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Screenshot_2017-11-06-13-45-29 by Calmseas6 posted Nov 6, 2017 at 7:38 PM Picked this up today for $120. Needs the belt replaced (still works, but worn) and I'm going to change all the oil in the engine and gearcase and lube the chains. Was this a decent deal?
  7. Turf Renovation
    Another early morning aerating Nice when your trim aerator is a rideon too!
  8. Marketplace
    Good used pull behind core aerator. I bought a rid on so no more need for this. Located in Indiana. zip 47933. 250 or best offer
  9. Turf Renovation
    I'm interested in Upgrading from our Ryan Lawnaire 28's to something more productive/less stress on the body. Something that has caught my eye is Billy Goat's Hydro Aerator (AE1300H). Because I'd like to stick with a reciprocating style aerator, instead of the drum style. Which all the stand1on...
  10. Turf Renovation
    I have a Classen Aerator CA-18. The manual says the machine can be transported with the engine running or off, but my front wheel will not move unless the engine is running. I have no idea why. Any thoughts?
  11. Marketplace
    I am downsizing the business and have some items to sell. Exmark 21" walk behind aerator - purchased new in 2014 and has only been used for about 20 medium lawns. Asking $3300 Exmark 20" slice seeder - purchased new in 2014 and has only been used on about 15 seeding projects. Asking $3300...
  12. Marketplace
    Blue Bird aerator for sale - $500.00 Works good pick up only - no shipping address to shop - Gro Lawn 9729 S Freeway Fort Worth TX 76140 Call Aaron - 817-897-1925
  13. Marketplace
    I have 4 Turfco Turnaer aerators for sale, 3 Turnaer 26 with Chariot and 1 Turnaer 6 with Chariot. $900.00 each.
  14. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    I'm just starting up and looking at aerators. Our geography is primarily steep/rocky. A lot of homes I'd be taking on would have nicely levelled and landscaped property but there's undoubtedly going to be steep, tight yards that would be tough with big equipment. Because of local availability...
  15. Turf Renovation
    I am trying to decide between these two aerators and haven't come up with much info or experience about the Billy Goat or many people using the John Deere for lawns instead of greens. From searching on here neither one gets used much by lawn care professionals yet unless I missed the threads or...
  16. Marketplace
    FOR SALE. Test drive like hours. Great deal on basically new unit. 11.6 hours Oil Recently Changed Regularly Greased and Oiled Tines all in place and in Great condition Stored Inside See Pictures Below Asking $9500 Located in Dayton, Ohio area.
  17. Turf Renovation
    is it possible that dethatching yellow dry grass and plug aerating then overseeding and applying fertilizer will start to revive grass and turn green over time??? or is it best to to rototill everything out and just re seed and fert?? any tips are vert thankful
  18. Marketplace
    Selling because it's no longer needed as I inherited a stand-on aerator. Great machine. 2 Years old. Images too large to upload, if interested please PM for pictures and contact info, willing to travel up to 2 hours. Asking $1500.
  19. Marketplace
    Selling my Ryan Aerator, Model #544910A. Paid a little over 3k 2 years ago asking $2100 obo. Local deals only, not willing or able to ship. Pictures are too large to upload, PM me with phone number or email address to receive pictures of this machine. Thanks.
41-59 of 105 Results