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  1. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    I have a small pond/waterfall I built in the front yard a few years ago. It’s only 50-80 gallons with a small pump and surrounded by ornamental rocks which also build the rise for the waterfall. I have a constant problem with algae. I’m doing my annual cleaning now and I’m looking for advice...
  2. Power Washing
    While cleaning the roofs at Carriage Hill Apartments in Charlottesville, VA they asked if we could clean the dirty, algae & mold covered putting green. The pictures show the results.
  3. Power Washing
    We were called by this home owner because he had a cedar roof that was covered with algae. Fortunately, he decided to have his cedar roof cleaned before the lichen and moss started to take over. This job was a bit out of our normal work area but he did his research and found that Blue Ridge Roof...
  4. Power Washing
    This is our first roof of 2012. It is usually cold and windy at this time of year. We had a call to clean this roof so they can put it on the market. We lucked out with 60 degree temps the next day and got it done in the afternoon. The after picture shows the wet roof not looking as good as a...
  5. Power Washing
    This little home located in Elkton, VA needed the services of Blue Ridge Roof Cleaning after cleaning the roof of her daughter. Offering senior citizen discounts made it more affordable. This home is going up for sale and needed to look it's best.
  6. Power Washing
    Check out the new Blue Ridge Roof Cleaning of Virginia Slide Show
  7. Power Washing
    This home is located in Wintergreen. The home owner wanted to keep ahead of the algae, lichen and moss. The gazebo in the back had the worse growth and had to be treated two times with a pump up sprayer due to no gutters and plants below.
1-7 of 7 Results