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  1. Employment
    We will be needing help with the growing season coming so the hiring process is about to begin. What process have you used that has failed and what are you still using because it works? Feel free to chime in with any advice or maybe a picture of an application you use.
  2. Business Operations
    Hi all, just received my applicator license and was wondering what a typical round involves regarding the broadleaf control? Is the first broadleaf application a blanket covering (and then spot spray for remainder of year)? After all the reading and preparing for the exam none of the books...
  3. Marketplace
    3100$ 1 year old only used for 6 apps last season 100 gal tank 6 hp Subaru engine with pump 400' 3/8 hose with power auto reel Green gun Like new. Can be reached at [email protected] St. Peter's MO
  4. Employment
    Does anyone have a well formatted and all inclusive job application for potential employees that I can use? I need employees with lawn care and irrigation experience.
  5. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    I live in middle Tennessee, and I have a patch of crabgrass that reappears every year in my yard that is about 20x20growing in my Kentucky fescue. What will be the most effective way to get rid of this pest without just burning the area? I have seen a product called Gorden's crabgrass killer...
  6. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    Hello All, we are starting a dedicated spray tech position for the first time and wanted to know what production rates we should expect him to produce per 8 hour day. I know it will range and vary- but I would like to see what some of you have discovered are historical square footage per hour...
1-6 of 6 Results