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  1. Lawn Mowing
    Arkansas only!! I have a class 4 license in Arkansas that is setting idle. Contact me if you want to add lawn spraying to your business! Thanks Mel
  2. Business Operations
    I keep getting calls from people in Bella Vista for services. I’ve continued to turn them down over the years since I do not know much about legalities in Arkansas. Just had a call from a prospect that is inquiring about some extensive ongoing lawn/landscape work. Almost complete property reno...
  3. Network: South
    I hope to take the pesticide application test sometime over the next few months. I find navigating the plant board website and the UAEX website unnecessarily difficult. Every time I speak with someone I get different information. So far my understanding is that I only need to take the Core...
  4. Fertilizer Application
    Anyone from Arkansas using UFLEXX? I melted and used it last year and loved the results, however I can't justify spending $37 per 50# bag. WHere are you guys getting it from and what's the cost? Thanks.
  5. Marketplace
    Selling my Ryan Aerator, Model #544910A. Paid a little over 3k 2 years ago asking $2100 obo. Local deals only, not willing or able to ship. Pictures are too large to upload, PM me with phone number or email address to receive pictures of this machine. Thanks.
  6. Lawn Mowing
    Well I caught these ripping up 2.5acre bermuda I thought it was water, drainage the whole list like most do before they show themselves. I probed Friday before last nothing in soil no fungus or worms. Get notified last Thursday we got army worms here is the result last week from a couple days...
  7. Landscape Maintenance
    Anyone know of a wholesale mulch manufacturer in the Oklahoma City, Little Rock or New Orleans areas? I have about 400 yards in OKC, 500 yards in NO and another 400 yards in LR that I am responsible for installing. Looking for dyed brown material. Perhaps a saw mill company that self...
  8. Marketplace
    Great Dane commercial mower 52 inch deck ,27hp. Kohler engine .about 35 hours on engine .new battery .Comes with aluminum bag catcher .Mower always kept indoors and out of the weather. everything new would cost around 7k to 8k. ....price $5500 cash (479)-747-8886 located in Russellville AR
  9. Lawn Mowing
    Anyone out there have a chance to try the new 2011 hustler superz? Lawn Care Incorporated Mena Arkansas
  10. Lawn Mowing
    I live in Conway, AR. I am starting a lawn service. What is a good price to mow a lawn, just mowing? :usflag:
1-10 of 10 Results