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  1. Seal Coating Forum
    wts aro 2" dual diaphram air pump and filter basket $1000 obo used twice
  2. Professional Discussions
    Just wondering whats the best way to get 2" pipes under asphalt driveway? Emailed a boring company (we-bore-it) and they wanted $23/ft which wouldve made an install $2500 for boring. We're in Deltona FL, just north of Sanford FL
  3. Seal Coating Forum
    where can i rent a asphalt paver for a day in st.louis, Mo
  4. Seal Coating Forum
    does anyone know where i can go for sealcoating work in the winter?
  5. Stolen Equipment
    i am wanting to go somewhere for work sealcoating this year for the winter tired of sitting at home all winter when the sealing season is over. anyone know where to go where i can sealcoat threw the winter months?
  6. Seal Coating Forum
    i am thinkin aboub going to south florida for the winter for sealcoating driveways, does anyone know a good place to go and if jobs are hard to get there, or any othere places to go for the winter. thanks
  7. Seal Coating Forum
    Brand new poly sealcoating tanks with hand agitation system $1,250 - $1,650 200 gallons - 525 gallons & bigger These poly tanks are very durable & long lasting. They have a UV coating on them so they will not warp in the heat. These tanks are thick but very light at the same time. you do not...
  8. Seal Coating Forum
    How many of you guys actually do landscaping ( mowing , leaf removal , bush trimming etc ) and also do driveway pavement work like crack sealing , and seal coating ?
  9. Seal Coating Forum
    I've spent a lot of time trying to weigh the pros and cons of the two methods of driveway sealcoating (as a consumer). From what I've read it sounds like the advantages of each of the methods can be summed up as follows: Coal Tar Lasts longer Protects better (against oil and gasoline leaks)...
  10. Hardscaping
    Good Morning, I'm in the tail end of a walkway installation that runs perpendicular to an asphalt driveway. I cut into the asphalt slightly inward, i compacted the heck out of my base, and i have just enough fabric to lap up against the asphalt base. So now, i haven't polysanded in the pavers...
  11. Marketplace
    Here are the pictures of the 2005 Marathon Sealcoat Tank. Clean Title. 300 Gallons, 2,600 LB Weight, two axle trailer. 1 Full season of use with no problems. Can be easily cleaned to look brand new. Winterized and clean on the inside. Ready to fill and use. Purchased for $12,000 in 2006 new and...
1-11 of 14 Results