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  1. Marketplace
    Selling 2 Man auger with 4HP Honda Engine. Very well maintained. Haven't had a need for it in several years. Looking to get it out of the shop and back to work with someone new. Engine runs and drive belt is in good shape. Asking $250 for it. Come pick it up!
  2. Marketplace
    Bobcat Model 20 Auger Head with 36" tree planting bit in good shape. low or high flow. $2k. 66" and 60" Bobcat Grapples. Both have Dual Cylinders and are in very good condition. 60" is Bobcat industrial or scrap type with solid bottom. 66" is also Bobcat brand and has 2" round tines spaced...
  3. Marketplace
    2006 Ramrod 1150T Taskmaster Mini Skid (purchased new in 2007). Single-owner landscaping machine. around 2000hrs. 22hp Kubota diesel starts/runs good with no smoke. Tracks at about 60%. Updated steel rollers. Overall good operating condition with all the usual little dings and scratches from...
  4. Landscape Architecture and Design-Build
    I am trying to determine which model dingo to buy. I am planning to go with a wheeled model rather than track (cheaper to buy and maintain). I am considering the 200 series, which is two wheel drive. Anyone have one and can share experience? Can I do light digging with it? (dirt/sand) Can...
  5. Hardscaping
    what is the easyest way to drill through stone or ledge (solid rock) for a fence posts? i am going to price a fencing job but i know most likely im going to hit rock and ledge, what is the the best way of doing this? what type of machine would an auger with a stone bit work or a an auger on a...
  6. Marketplace
    Bobcat 30C auger with 40" tree auger and 9" auger. Not used much in perfect condition. Getting rid of because it doesn't get used enough. $2600 obo
1-6 of 6 Results